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Looking for the right stallion

I currently have a lovely Pablito daughter that I’m considering breeding. She is excellent in temperament and brave as all get out. I’d love to find the right baby daddy for her. She is not a big girl- 15 2 and very dark bay. She has competed sporadically which is not her fault. Jumps all day and only happy when they are high and the question is hard. I have been asked about breeding her but not sure about doing it unless it looks like the right fit. Any advice on that?

Go to Rainbow Equus website - they will have known crosses with Pablito that would work.

Also there are a ton of stallion auctions going on for reduced price - as long as the stallion is the right fit or it is not a savings at all.

What do you mean by you have been asked about breeding her? Someone wants to buy her foal? If so, do a custom foal contract and let them pick the stallion. If you just mean they ask if you are going to breed her out of curiosity, every mare owner on the planet gets asked that question just like we all get asked if our horses ever raced and the like no matter what their breed is. That shouldn’t factor in to your decision whatsoever.


What are your goals for the foal? Full pedigree? Strengths and weaknesses?

Once you have taken everything (your goals, your mare’s qualities, etc) into consideration, check out the stallion auctions! There are some great deals out there on breedings to top stallions! Be sure to read all the stallion, fees and bidding info for each site. Here is the link to the NEDA site, over 50 breedings to top stallions available, http://www.nedastallionauction.org/stallionauction/index.php

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I have 9 stallions that are available at half price for your Pablito mare, as Pablito was one of my stallions. My favorite crosses have been Pablito/Landkoenig especially if there is a bit of blood on the Dam side. Escher or Lord Adonis would make an excellent cross on her probably and also add height, check it out www.Eurequine.com or text me at (916) 203-2247

Any pictures? Anything in particular you want to improve on? Fresh or frozen?

Edgar’s advice would be valuable to you.


What discipline are you breeding for?

Looking to gain some height and improve on her dressage ability. She is the most honest and straight forward mare right now.

Check out Schroeder, he puts on height and is competing Grand Prix dressage. Goes well with a smaller mare. www.majesticgaits.com/schroeder.htm