Looking for Vet near Stockton, NJ

Looking for trustworthy, reliable, and reputable equine vet near Stockton, NJ.

Mare needs to be looked at to see if something is wrong. Need Xrays of her spine/back. Possible scan of ovaries.
I suspect kissing spine with my mare. Shes very important to me, as she is my late mothers horse. She is as stubborn as they come, so its hard to tell if something bothers her on her back these days or if shes just acting a fool.
Looking to possibly have vet come to my mare, but could arrange transport to a hospital if needed too.

Thank you!

Mid Atlantic Equine in Ringoes. I would suggest going there though. Either Dr. Doyle or Dr. Gasiorowski are wonderful, but they do have a field service if needed. Personally, I would head to Penn’s New Bolton Center myself, but Mid Atlantic is more than capable, and relatively close to Stockton.

Agree with taking the horse to a clinic. Any portable radiograph machine won’t give you great quality images of the back - you need the better machines in the clinic. If you need an ultrasound of the ovaries, Dr. Florent David at Mid Atlantic is amazing. His fellowship had a focus in ultrasonography.

Another vote for Mid-Atlantic. All the doctors mentioned are excellent. I am on a first name basis with Dr Doyle, don’t ask me why, lol. She hasn’t met the horse I own now, yet.

Another vote for Dr. Patty Doyle at Midatlantic.

I would go to a clinic too. For my money I’ll put some extra miles on the truck and go to Dr. Keane but I’ve also heard good things about Mid-Atlantic.

Furlong or Mid-Atlantic Equine

Thanks everyone! I went with Mid-Atlantic & already had my appointment! :slight_smile: