Looking for vet recommendations for PPE in Lexington KY

I am in SC and will not be present during the exam. Does anyone have any experience in having the exam videoed?

Rood and Riddle is right there as well as Haygard Medical Institute so there is no shortage of vets. I bought my mare off a prepurchase that was video’d. She’s been great.

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At RREH Ashley Embly (may be in FL already), Woodrow Friend, and Daniel Devis. Rihanna Stahl (Stahl Veterinary) is also awesome but only in KY part time. Feel free to PM for contact info.

I’ve used Dr. Hopper at Rood and Riddle for a few PPEs…and I am in NJ. He was excellent to work with and his readings of the radiographs were similar to my farm vet, who I really trust. The staff there is super nice too.

Dr. Devis is a really nice guy. He filled in for my vet when she was away almost four years ago now and still remembers me (and my mare) and always says hello. He’s very knowledgeable and thorough.