looking for Western trainer in Dayton,OH area

I am trying to find a trainer in or near Dayton. I’m at a farm that does not have an instructor but, they allow instructors to come in as long as they are insured. Anyway, if anyone has suggestions that would be great. I’m currently trying to find someone to come out to train my horse and give me lesson so I can continue my education as well. My horse has some stubborn tendencies that I need help working through and I also want to finish him.

Thank in advance for any advice!:slight_smile:

Did you ask your veterinarian who could be helpful to you with your horse?

We have one lady trainer here that gives lessons to local kids, takes them to playdays, etc. and is the go to trainer veterinarians recommend.
She is very good about taking horses with problems in and turning them around, also will go to people’s barns to help with people’s horses.

Most professional show trainers with an active barn generally don’t provide that kind of basic service.

Maybe you have someone like that lady in your area?

Thank you for the advice. I will contact my vet to see if they have recommendations.Yeah it would be great to fine someone like your trainer.

I’m in dayton- it depends on your goals

If you want to show and win, consider contacting Tammy Denlinger at Millenium Quarters- she is fantastic and is a judge as well as breeder/trainer

for more relaxed, family low key kind of lessons and training, can’t beat Faustman Ranch- they do lessons and clinics, but you might have to haul in. Ray will know who can come to you though, and he is a SUPER guy

Lynne Puthoff does western pleasure very seriously, and her student Katy Hart of Hart 2 Hart Stables teaches as well- though we disagree on methods.

I also know two FANTASTIC english (dressage based and eventing based) trainers who could help you with the stubborness, but don’t do show level western

There are two dayton facebook horse groups as well-
Dayton Area Horse Lovers and Dayton Area Horse Owners

Feel free to shoot me a PM, I love meeting local horse people- I am qualified enough to help out with some issues myself, but I largely ride english