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Looking for Young Rider/Grand Prix/1.45 m Show Jumper


I was wondering, if anybody could give me some ideas/suggestions on where to find a Young Rider/Grand Prix/1.45 m Show Jumper Horse. Preferably for lease.
Thank you for any suggestions.

Your trainer is your best bet. Be prepared that even an annual lease for such an animal can easily be in the 6 figures, and jumpers of this level are rarely leased.

I have leads on several of those but as BostonHJ said they are priced accordingly in the solid 6 figures, and I’m not sure who would be willing to lease. If the budget is right I maybe have a couple sellers that would go for a lease, program would need to be approved. Feel free to send me a note.

We are actually in the process of moving to TX. I would be interested to get more information about the horses you mentioned.