Looking to breed my med pony (maiden) hoping for a foal to finish a lrg

Hi all, I have a phenomenal moving and jumping 13.1 7/8 pony mare that I was looking to breed.
Ideally I would like to get a large pony out of it.
Here are her stats:
Solid built, Grey, 13.1 7/8 by Mapleside Wishlist (14.2 but it think he’s bigger), who is by Mapleside Mr Magic (14 3/4) who is by Magical (Holesteiner 16.2) and she is out of a 11.3 mare of unknown heritage but is very sec B ish. This mom was bred twice before to a sec A and we got two small smalls. 11.2 and 11.3 which is why I bred to a large and got a med.
So, now I’d like to breed my med mare.
I’m looking at Wellen’s Gold Point (14.2) or Meadowbrook’s Special Edition but I can’t find info on him.
Any other suggestions?
I know crossbred can be a bit of a crap shoot but I’d like to hear your thoughts.
Thanks in advance!

There was a buckskin welsh stallion that I really liked. If I could just remember his name… Madoc heir apparent. I think.

And another one I really love is Dandardel Helios. But he really didn’t match with my mare.

Daventry Equestrian has a really lovely stallion too.

Since your mare is crossbred, you could pick a Connemara stallion too.

Lots of options!

Thanks for the suggestions!
Was the buckskin the one that Cheryl Maye stands? I think his name is Grover? Maybe a GRP?
Yeah, I think he is a large I’ll look at him too!

Grover is very nice too. He has a very lovely dressage floaty trot.

Madoc heir apparent is the welsh I was talking about.

I researched pony stallions heavily before breeding my mare. Finally decided on a Connemara.

Castleberry’s ReFflection is an adorable Welsh and they usually run him in the stallion service auctions so you can get a good deal on him next spring, if you like him.

It is important to note that all of the pony stallions mentioned, including our stallion :wink: , are registered Welsh Cobs. If the OP is looking to produce a pony hunter, I would not consider any of these stallions as they do not conform to the classic “hunter” style. While we absolutely love our boy Goldhills Brandysnap and he has produced a lovely pony hunter that did well at Pony Finals, it is more of an anomaly than the norm. Welsh Cobs tend to be build with quite a thick frame, often have a higher head and neck carriage, and knee action.

If the OP is looking to produce a dressage pony, then I would definitely recommend any of the above boys, but based on the pony stallions the OP already mentioned, it sounds like they are wanting to produce a pony hunter.

Meadowbrook’s Special Edition does throw some size, so would likely be a good cross, but I don’t believe he is available for breeding any more. I could be totally wrong on that if someone wants to correct me.


Hi, thanks for the replies. Yes, I’m looking to produce a hunter pony.
My mare is by Mapleside Wishlist who is by Mapleside Mr Magic so he won’t work.
I’m looking at a young stallion who’s grandsire is Meadowbrooks Special Edition and is 14.2. He looks really nice but he is young and 2022 will be his first yr standing so I want to have a few to look at.
I was considering Wellen’s Gold Point as well.

Oh, good catch! I must have missed that!