Looking to breed to Candillo Jr - any recent experience?

I’ve been looking at Candillo junior to breed my mare to. However, I am curious if this is a stallion that does much successful breeding as i don’t see many foals from him in the last couple years. Does anyone have any recent experience with him either from this year or last couple years? I don’t want to waste my time or money so any info feel free to private message if you don’t want share publicly. I’ve heard Horror stories and good stories about breeding and being my first time I want it to be good! Breeding/conformation he’s a good choice for my mare.

Semen is very good. Isauro is wonderful to work with and the stallion put some very nice movement on my foal. Also, the filly is very, very sweet and laid back. The mare is a thoroughbred and the filly is very fine boned also. Also, she isn’t very large right now. She is three years old. Very athletic, likes to jump. Filly seems to have a better hind leg than the mother but is still a little long backed. Mother is long backed.

What year did you breed to him and did it have to ship very far? I have been hearing opposing opinions of quality… so trying to figure out if it’s a distance thing or different year.

I had a Candillo Jr filly last year, from fresh-cooled semen. I have heard that more people have had success with his frozen semen than with the fresh-cooled, but I had no problems (older mare, too).

Well, the filly is three years old, so four years ago. But the mare is now 20 - so she would have been 16 years old at the time. And she was a hit or miss mare - if she took, it always took two tries. So, not so easy to get in foal. The mare was in Illinois. So, it was shipped from canada to stateside.

Hillside can you send some pics of your filly? Would love to see them…