Looking to Buy A Horse, The horse i like joints pop while warming up and after. 10yo

We leased out a high preformance junior jumper. I have been riding him and I notice that once i get on him and walk around and warming up in general. the first 10 minuites his joints pop. Mostly the sound is coming from his pasterns, fetlocks, ect. (mostly the sound is in this hind legs also. specifically once the poping starts wearing off. the back left will sometimes keep at it for a little longer) He JUST this week turned 10. We are looking to buy him but i am wondering if this might turn into a long term problem in the future. He has been sound for as far as we have even known this horse. This horse was born and raised at the barn we ride at now, and i dont ever remember him ever getting hurt for the past 2 years we have known the horse.

10 year old
Joints in foot area are poping
poping sounds 5-10 mins while warming up to wear off
poping sounds after jumping while walking out
perfectly sound horse
hind mostly/(only)
hind left takes longest to wear off
no previous lameness we know of

we have talked to the barn manager and she says its fine that its just when he gets older some horses do it some dont.

we will take him to get a vet check if we decide to buy but in the long term do yall have any experince with this? will it effect him and possibly shorten his carrer?

thank yall so much i really appreciate you answering me and giving me your opinions!

If a lameness evaluation was based on joints popping, I would have been euthanized a long time ago! Did you have a pre-purchase exam? Did he flex sound? Clean x-rays? Not that I would expect either with a 10yo that has been in hard work for a few years.

Some horses pop and click. Usually it isn’t anything serious.

Prior to purchasing I would definitely recommend x-raying all major joints as a precaution and to get a good baseline set of rads.

Do a PPE and base your decision off that. I don’t know that “joints popping” has any clinical significance at all.

My horse clicks and pops. He has since he’s been at my barn, even longer than me! He’s completely sound and happy. He’s a jumper, he’s been in that line of work for about 7, 8 years.
I also have a toe that clicks. It’s been clicky for over 20 years now.
Any horse purchase should have a PPE, IMHO. But I don’t think the clicking is anything to worry about.

I asked my vet about popping joints and was told they are not a problem.

At any rate, Be be sure to do a thorough PPE

My horse also clicks and pops in the fetlock area and is 10. I ppe’d him last year and it didn’t effect him at all. He’s also been a great horse so far.

Years ago an orthopedic surgeon made the comment to a young patient-“We don’t treat noises”! :wink:

I bought mine as a 4 yr old and he’s always been clicking. Ironically, I click as well as my own horse. I think I read somewhere about it being gas bubbles being popped or something like that, but it doesn’t hurt or anything, it just makes noises.

My mare clicks and pops, and has for the 10 years I’ve known her. She can be a bit stiff, especially in the winter or after some time off, but the clicking doesn’t seem to indicate any specific issues.

Agree with the others! My horse is now 32 and has been the soundest horse I have ever been around. He had noise in his joints since he was quite young. It never affected him.

I agree with those that say just get x rays and do a PPE.

I do want to share I had an Appy/TB I purchased when he was 3 of the track (yeah they raced apps here) and he popped and clicked. His sounded like it was coming from his sacroiliac area… I rode him into his late 30’s and he lived until he was 40. He was the most sound and amazing horse ever!!!

Agree with the others! My horse is now 32 and has been the soundest horse I have ever been around. He had noise in his joints since he was quite young. It never affected him.[/QUOTE]

Hey Caryledee maybe were on to something :wink:

As a trainer and equine massage therapist, I would add to all of the helpful/inspiring comments to consider a good, long term joint supplement for this particular horse if PPE including xrays are clean. There is a reason the synovial fluid is slipping by the joints, bones rubbing against each other, tendons/ligaments breaking over or air pockets making the popping sound and possibly slow arthritic changes, just I am just suggesting that you consider a joint supplement for supportive and preventative measures if you purchase this horse :slight_smile: