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Looking to import a horse from Argentina.... Suggestions on where to go?


I am in the market to import a horse in the spring and am considering heading to Argentina. I owned an Argentinian mare a few years ago who was the best horse I have ever had and loved her temperament. I’m not familiar at all with any contacts down there, nor can I find a lot of information on horses available for sale, in order get an idea of what is available.

Does anyone have any suggestions? My trainer knows someone down there that we will look at horses with, but want to know if there is someone else I can go to to see some horses. Thanks!

The Henry Jota annual auction is Dec 11th. You can check out the prospects here:


There is online bidding if you can’t make the trip. We have imported some wonderful horses through this auction and the prices are usually very competitive even with the import fees.

Eduardo Braun is the US contact and very helpful.

These are usually all three year old prospects, so maybe not helpful if you are looking for something already made up. Eduardo has helped friends find ready to show horses, so he might still be a useful contact.

Edited to add that La Tatabra is another large breeder with an annual auction. I believe theirs is held in the spring.

Thank you so much! I have a week off from college for spring break between March 5th-13th and wanted to fly down around then to look at horses. I’m confused as to whether or not they sell horses only through auction or normal sale as well. Looking for something in the 5-7 age range. Perhaps 4 if it has a level head. La Tatabra and HJ have gorgeous horses, but it seems they only do auctions :confused:

I believe Rancho Pampa is in Argentina, and the owner (used to, at least) post here. I was looking at them for a working student position and they always have young ones going.

Rancho Pampa is fantastic. I got my young horse from them and he is everything I could have hoped for- they are honest, run their barn amazingly well, and the training is top notch. They also are plugged in to the horse community there and can help you horse shop in the area, not just within their own offerings.

I have a good friend who was a working student there, she loved it! It is on my list. Thanks y’all.

  • Waves * thank you for the recommendations.

OP - feel free to contact us (I think Katie has my email as well). I am happy to help in any way possible - we have some young ones but we can help arrange seeing horses at other farms, import, etc. We work a lot with US clients.

Mariano Alario from Estancia Farm in Petaluma, CA has family there and can help you as well.