Looking to Ride in Boston Area!

Hello! I am a lifelong rider who just moved to Boston, MA. Adjusting to city life has been great except for one thing: I am having serious riding withdrawal! If someone could help me to find a barn to lesson at or connect me up with someone looking for a free exercise rider I would be incredibly grateful. However, my biggest problem is that I do not currently have a car so I need to find a place accessible by the T, bus, or commuter rail. I am willing to travel upwards of an hour each way for the right situation, though!

About me: I am a 22-year-old teacher and I have been riding since I could walk (I’m about to hit the 2 decade mark! :slight_smile: ) I competed in H/J and eventing (through training level) in high school and rode on my college’s IHSA teams in both hunter eq and western pleasure. I have my colors with the Iroquois Hunt in Lexington, KY- I have experience whipping in and I’ve ridden many different hunt horses varying from old schoolmasters to babies off the track! Right now I would love to find a situation where I could help keep a horse in shape by coming out to ride once or twice a week. I am also interested in taking lessons but due to my teacher salary I have a limited budget. I would also be interested in working as a groom for weekend competitions in the area- I have experience grooming for a Prix St. George rider. I can PM you with references and/or photos if you think we could set something up!!!

Unfortunately, I don’t think there are any stables accessible by public transportation from Boston since Blue Hills Riding Center closed. I would suggest carpooling (check with the college equestrian teams) or renting Zipcar. Several years ago, I put together a directory of stables near Boston (Local Barns and Suburban Stables) here-

Hopefully someone still in Boston will have better/more current tips. Good luck!

Try posting in the off course “horseless riders” thread. No car is a definite limitation, but you might be able to find something there. Good luck
, and welcome to the neighbothood.

Check out our local bulletin board equinsite.com. There are often people looking for catch riders. Zip car or carpooling is a good idea. There are a few barns within a 10 to 15 minute drive of the commuter rail (North Andover and Haverhill) that you could get to by cab, but I would imagine that zip car would be faster and possibly cheaper.

Thank you all so much! I will be posting on equinesite right away. I hadn’t considered zip car because Boston drivers terrify me, but I believe I can pick a car up at a T stop far enough outside of the city to avoid the worst of it!

Try Canton Equestrian Center. They are relatively accessible by the T (may have to walk a little) and are a great group. I believe that they hunt with Norfolk Hunt Club.

You’re an eventer and you’re wary of Boston drivers???

Nonsense. Eyes up and leg on (a.k.a., just look in front of you and floor it) and you’ll be just fine. It takes way too much time to walk to the T, wait for the T, take the T to pick up a car to drive to the horse, and then come back, drop off the car, get on the T, etc. It is hard to get to a good place to ride in less than 40 minutes’ drive from Boston, depending on where you are. Don’t waste the time on different forms of transportation; just pick up the car at the place closest to you, and get on your way to the horse. :slight_smile: