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Looking to Ride in Boston Area!

Sorry for the copy/paste-- I’m posting in both the H/J and Hunting threads!

Hello! I am a lifelong rider who just moved to Boston, MA. Adjusting to city life has been great except for one thing: I am having serious riding withdrawal! If someone could help me to find a barn to lesson at or connect me up with someone looking for a free exercise rider I would be incredibly grateful. However, my biggest problem is that I do not currently have a car so I need to find a place accessible by the T, bus, or commuter rail. I am willing to travel upwards of an hour each way for the right situation, though!

About me: I am a 22-year-old teacher and I have been riding since I could walk (I’m about to hit the 2 decade mark! ) I competed in H/J and eventing (through training level) in high school and rode on my college’s IHSA teams in both hunter eq and western pleasure. I have my colors with the Iroquois Hunt in Lexington, KY- I have experience whipping in and I’ve ridden many different hunt horses varying from old schoolmasters to babies off the track! Right now I would love to find a situation where I could help keep a horse in shape by coming out to ride once or twice a week. I am also interested in taking lessons but due to my teacher salary I have a limited budget. I would also be interested in working as a groom for weekend competitions in the area- I have experience grooming for a Prix St. George rider. I can PM you with references and/or photos if you think we could set something up!!!

I grew up riding in the suburbs of Boston and I can honestly say I cannot think of a single place that you could access solely by public transportation. The commuter rail could get you out to several more rural towns that have barns, but I can’t think of anywhere that you would walk from.

If you had a bike, you could look into barns in the Concord area and see if there are any stops along the Fitchburg commuter rail line that might put you close enough to bike. The commuter rail (forget which line) can also get you to Needham or Wellesley, but again, you’d need a bike to get to any of the barns I can think of.

I’m also a teacher so I’d love to help in any way I can! Feel free to PM me if you have any questions.

you need to set yourself up with a zipcar account - it will solve all your problems :slight_smile:

And you could come and check us out www.fairharbourfarm.com

Yes, riding near Boston is tough without a car.

I’d say get yourself a bicycle, figure out commuter rail, and take your bike with you. There are barns within a few miles of many of the commuter rail stops. (Offhand here are a few: Lowell on the Lowell line, Ballardvale, Bradford, possibly Haverhill on the Haverhill line, North Beverly, Hamilton/Wenham, Rowley etc. on the Rockport/Newburyport lines, Concord, South Action, Littleton on the Fitchburg line, etc. I commute out of North Station, so I don’t know what would work for trains out of South Station but there is a pretty active H/J scene south of Boston.) You won’t be able to use the bike in really atrocious weather, but you should be able to get some riding in. Also note that you can’t take a bike with you on weekday rush hour trains, and weekend trains only run every 2-3 hours.

I don’t know anything about Boston’s geography or public transportation woes but Katherine is wonderful and may be able to offer some suggestions:


I used to ride at the Hamilton Riding Club when I lived in Boston as a student. Got on the commuter train with my bike, got off at the Hamilton stop and rode the 15-20 min. or whatever it was out to the barn.

Years ago, I boarded my horses at the Dana Hall Riding Center in Wellesley. Commuter Rail from South Station to Wellesley Center would take about 30 minutes and leave you with a mile or so walk. I’m not sure what the situation is there now, as far as lessons for the general public goes…the school’s riding program is much more serious these days. Cookie DeSimone still runs the show there and she is wonderful.

Signing up for Zip Car would give you the most options, for sure.

Zip Car for sure. The suburbs seem like they are accessible via public transit, but you will be pulling your hair out in no time if you have to rely on it.

Go on the BB at equinesite.com and you will likely have luck finding some riderless horses.

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I have the same question – does anyone have any up to date recommendations? Thank you!!