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Looks like Tryon may have...........

killed off the WEG.

I think the WEG killed off the WEG. It has struggled the last few cycles to find hosts and be profitable. I think it just got too big and too expensive to host. It wasn’t just Tryon.


I think this would make a great case study for a high school or college economics class. Reading the linked article was sort of like reading a history of the West between the wars, when the very very rich with horses could afford to participate in this sport and travel to it, while the servant class (the grooms) were treated like … servants. With no rights or regard. It showed me maybe why some people consider equestrian sports too elitist for the Olympics.

There is the uppermost class that can afford to compete. There is the next-level upper class than can afford to buy tickets, transportation, and hotel accommodation to go and watch the uppermost class compete. Then there are the regular middle-class horsemen and women who complain about not getting to see it all on TV. Then there are the grooms, who get paid but not properly housed.

It’s not a very real-world competition.


I would agree, I think WEG has been circling the drain for a few years now.

What I got out of the article is that maybe the multi-discipline WEG will be gone, multi-events for the different disciplines may come about. Would make more sense so each discipline can be managed specific in a venue for that discipline instead of expecting one venue to ‘do it all’.


And WEG 2022 is no more. They are now looking for hosts of individual championships.



Hopefully it will become dead and buried. Now it is time to kill off the FEI. I suspect the olympic games won’t be far behind.


I hate to even say this but I really won’t miss WEG or the equestrian events in the Olympics, as a TV spectator you rarely get to see them any way unless you pay to subscribe to some venue that offers it.

I think it would be better if the individual disciplines held their own championships, much cheaper for the places that are holding the events and can be more easily done with existing facilities.

Dressage will suffer as it doesn’t have the big money shows like jumping does and gets no TV time on anything. Jumping will keep going just as it has been, see lots of regular TV coverage of it all the time.


Leaving the Olympics would be the best thing for eventing. I hope that happens.


Can’t help but feel a little sad about this. From a personal standpoint, I’ve got so many great memories from 2010, 2014, and 2018 made with my sister, niece, and husband. We got some great trips out of it and met all kinds of interesting and fun people. And, of course, seen a level of riding that I would have never experienced locally.

I completely understand the difficulty - heck, they are having trouble finding venues for the Olympics as cities are finding out that the promised economic boost just doesn’t happen. But still… :cry:


I agree. I attended the Eventing Championships in Kentucky in 1978 (“before it was Rolex”), and went to the last full-format 3-day at Badminton in 2005. 1978 was in the US because the US Team won gold in the previous Championships, and that was how the venue for the next Championships was determined. If they return to that format, looks like the burden will be on Great Britain for the foreseeable future! LOL!!

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I think you’re putting way to much blame on Tryon (and perhaps to furth bash Belissimo?)- remember they were awarded the bid with about 1/2 the time to build out the facility after Bromont pulled out. Also you are apparently not factoring in that Samorin, the 2022 host site, pulled which has caused the FEI to re-open bids, KY/Lexington also withdrew their bid.


“Tryon” didn’t kill the WEG. The FEI and the unwieldy nature of the event killed the WEG.

The 2018 WEG had plenty of issues, but Tryon itself was not the cause of the majority of them.


More like Tryon was the last straw for the FEI and WEG.

Everyone realizes there were many unforeseeable factors and that they only had 1/2 the time to get ready for it; the FEI probably looked at all things that happened and said they were done.

Tyron and all the problems with the venue and the weather was probably the final straw in something that was already starting to happen with WEG.

While Tyron didn’t kill WEG it probably was a catalyst in FEI closing the final chapter on WEG. All the venue issues and weather were probably a contributing factor to WEG on it’s last leg being brought to an end. It’s unfortunate but a sign of the times.

Thank goodness. Go back to World Championships for each sport, and have them in appropriate venues that won’t go broke holding them. It will make it much easier on spectators, too, as local hotels won’t try to suck the life out of us with their fees. We won’t be selling out all the available hotels, so it won’t register. Transportation will be easier (Normandy, anyone?), as will all logistics.

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I do think Tryon did what they could do to save an awkward situation that might otherwise have led to no WEG in 2018.

This is an FEI-WEG problem, and it’s the same problem regardless of the venue. The all-discipline format is not a realistic proposition. If they tried to insist on an all-discipline WEG, that would probably be the end of WEG.


With the exception of the grooms, it sounds like most major league sports, especially the NFL.

Huh? I don’t think most major league sport athletes are the children of millionaires and billionaires, especially the NFL.