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Hi, new poster here! Also new to dressage, though not a new rider. I was wondering whether anyone could provide recommendations for a dressage barn/trainer around the Los Angeles area for boarding and training. A few different areas would be fine: around Covina would work well, or around north LA / Santa Clarita / Sunland areas would be fine as well. Alternatively, I would be potentially okay with other areas (like Riverside/Corona/Norco, or south to Orange County, or east to Highland/San Bernardino) if the barn was a perfect fit in every other way besides the commute.

Most important is excellent care, safe and well-run facility, experienced/competent staff managing the horses and keeping an eye out, etc. and daily turnout in a decently sized space. And obviously the usual things, like trustworthy, etc.

Second most important is good training in the basics of dressage (for both horse and rider): clear communication, fair to the horse, and ability to offer pro rides or exercise (or rides by a GOOD working student under pro instruction would be fine with me as well) a couple times a week. Trainer should be willing to work with a human student who is new to dressage, and motivated to improve but has no competition goals (I rode hunters/eq “back in the day” but am at a different place in life now). The horse is an OTTB and is smart and sensitive; a tactful ride is a must.

Thanks very much! I’d appreciate any advice on where to look (or where to avoid)! Feel free to pm if you’re more comfortable.

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Thanks atlatl for the info! I just replied :slight_smile:

Check out Spirit Equestrian in Somis/Moorpark. Beautiful facility, three great dressage trainers, incredible footing. Three dressage courts. Lots of trees. Large 24x24 stalls, well bedded and fed. Gated. Professional staff live on premises. Within a couple miles of two equine hospitals. Good ambiance, not stuffy.

It is a facility that you feel comfortable not checking on your horse every day. I have a ranch horse and am not the best dressage rider despite everyone’s attempts, lol.

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Spirit is a very nice facility.

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I’m at Wolfe Canyon in Thousand Oaks with Swea Zamel, and I absolutely love it. Multiple arenas with new GGT footing, a full 1/2 mile galloping track, gorgeous barn, pipe corrals, eurocizer, multiple large round pens, multiple huge turnouts, and 260 acres to trail ride. They feed 3x daily and muck 2x daily.

It’s also a 20-min trailer ride to Spirit, SCEC and El Sueno for shows.

PM me if you want Swea’s number.


Take a look at STC Dressage in Moorpark.

Thanks so much everyone! I really appreciate the info. I’ll take a look at the places you’ve mentioned.