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Lost my mare and foal and need a broodmare lease form. Tell me your stories

So last week I got to go thru the very unfortunate worst case scenario of my mare having a breech baby, which we were unable to extract and I ended up having to euthanize my mare (so lost both of them).
I still have however the breeding contracts still sitting, and with no mare to breed I am looking at leasing a broodmare.

So does anyone out there have an example of a contract. What should I do/not do. Tell me your stories.

No suggestions, but I am so terribly sorry. :disappointed:


On my heavens. I am so so sorry for your tragic loss.


O geeze. That’s a living nightmare. So sorry.

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I’m sorry, too.

I have leased out almost all of my broodmares this year. Anywhere from lifetime free lease ($1) to $1000/yr. The contracts are specific to each horse and lessee situation, but basically lessee is responsible for all veterinary care, breeding fees, board (at their location or mine), farrier, etc. For out of state leases I require regular updates/photos to ensure mare is cared for properly. If find something questionable (starving horse, lack of adequate care), lessee has 5 days to improve it or I may invoke my right to take the horse back (but lessee still gets their foal). If lessee decides to return the horse to me for any reason, I need 30 days notice. Annual lease terms are for the 2024 breeding season through weaning 2025; renewable after foal is born, or they may be asked to assist (but not pay for!) getting the mare back in foal next year for someone else.

I have one more VERY nice TB mare available for lease if you are still looking. Send PM.

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How heartbreaking! SO sorry! :frowning:

We have broodmare lease contract forms available on our website. Drafted by an equine attorney with 25+ years experience.