Lotus T Offspring

Hi COTH’ers! I’m in a bit of a pickle but I have found a fabulous back-up option… Lotus T.

So far, the SO has been fabulous and full of information and photos, but I’m hoping to find some first hand experience, and better yet - owners of his offspring. Are you satisfied with the foal? What did he improve on your mare - and what type of mare did you use? What are the top 2 or 3 most important features you’re loving in the offspring?

I have a lovely OTTB mare I would like to breed him to if our last ditch effort of getting her in foal to my in-laws JC Stallion is a bust. I’m hoping to add a little bit of height, and a little more brains. She can be on the hotter side when she’s not in a program, and stands about 15.2 and not from an overly large line of horses… She’s an absolute sweet heart, but I’m an amature and as such, I appreciate ammy-friendly competition horses. She’s a little more of a flatter kneed mover, but has great drive from behind nonetheless.

As I mentioned, I am an amature… lower level Dressage, dabbling in the H/J’s and would love to move into low level Eventing as well. In your experience with his offspring, is this a long shot?

I’m not looking to start a cat fight, so please just helpful input on his offspring only!

ETA: My mare is 17 and her youngest foal is now 4. That being said, she’s always been extremely easy to get in foal, sadly the stallion in question currently (JC TB stallion mentioned previously) isn’t doing his part. Lotus T is my back up plan for the end of this month if the JC TB cannot ‘getter done’ next week when she’s due to cycle.

Lotus T is a tall stallion and does throw height. I’ve seen quite a few of his offspring and they are AA friendly.

I have seen him in person (he is lovely and well mannered). I have seen a few of his foals and I can’t complain about them. Equivale (Jean Thornton) had (might still have) a filly by him that looked cute. Maybe shoot her a FB message? She is easy to talk to.

Here as a foal

First time undersaddle


I’ve seen/known a few, and they are all OK ammy wise, but they have also been heavier/thicker than my preference/more modern trends (especially hunters and dressage). Could just be the mare, I didn’t see/know the mare, so I would check that aspect out since your primary plan is a JC stallion (presumably aiming for a lighter build with a TB as your first choice).

I had a Lotus! I bred my Arab cross mare to him, I wanted to add substance and height and got both. He has a tendency to do that no matter the type of mare. I sold baby to a wonderful young ammy, and the filly was just so sweet and easy easy to work with. I also rode an older Lotus mare that had babies for a few years and the owner wanted her to go back undersaddle, she had been shown before and after years of sitting idle the mare was so easy and willing to start again. I did get to meet Lotus in person too, and he’s a gentleman.

Andras, the stallion owner, is a member here maybe he can chime in.

The Lotus T babies that I have known have been temperamental, unfortunately. He produces foals that rear… badly. The barn was and still is producing closely bred horses - breeding fillies back to their sire and breeding siblings to each other. Quite disturbing.

Weird to revive a six year old thread about a now deceased stallion.

I’ve ridden a number of lotus babies, not a few newly under saddle. They generally had very ammy friendly temperaments. There were a few who didn’t 🤷 try riding some Clintons some time.

But lotus is now deceased.

Weird flex, @HighpointHunter