Low dust cat litter?

This is a spinoff from the Tidy Cat litter thread.

I use Dr. Elsey’s Ultra cat litter (in the blue bag). It says on the bag that it’s 99% dust free but this is a lie. I would say it’s quite dusty. Wanted to see if there are suggestions for a clumping, unscented litter that isn’t real dusty? I don’t have a problem with the Dr. Elsey’s litter except for the dust.

Thanks! :smiley_cat:

I don’t think there is such a thing? I recently lost my cat that had some nasty respiratory issue. Could have been asthma or possibly cancer.

Anyway, I had been using grass litter and changed to paper just to cover that base in case the grass was aggravating her condition. The grass is actually quite low dust out of the bag but of course as it is used and scooped, it breaks down into dust.

The paper is dusty! It is the clumping stuff but when you pour it out of the bag, there is quite a bit of dust. Silica crystal litters I think, also break down into dust. I detest clay litter and found the same thing with Dr Elsey’s Ultra. It was horrible.

As soon as I am done with the paper litter (still have one cat), I am going back to the grass litter. It clumps tightly and I just need to change it out completely more often (every 3 months) before it breaks down so much.

Good luck with finding no dust.


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I really love Worlds Best.


I use Okocat and don’t find it dusty - tracks horribly within a couple feet of the box (mostly on the mat) but not dusty.

I got it because it’s wood-based so unlike clay it degrades when I dump the waste down the shrubby bank across the road, and unlike food-based litters (corn or wheat) the mice don’t snack on it when I use it in a storeroom to which the cats don’t always have access (but where they might get locked on occasion so I want there to be kitty toilet facilities).

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We use Pine Pellets like you use in stalls and our cats over the years and have all loved it. No dust and smells good. And CHEAP!


I use Arm & Hammer Slide, or, when that’s out of stock, I use another A&H variety, either Clump & Seal or Cloud Control. They have very, very little fragrance (or none) and are not at all dusty.

I also like that they come in a cardboard box instead of a plastic jug.

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