Low maintenance English-style reins for someone who likes laced reins?

I love the feel of my laced leather reins but I hate cleaning them, all those little crevices… Of the easier to clean options, what feels best if you’re really, really used to laced reins? Best meaning soft but still grippy (looking at you, plain leather!), not too thick (some of the pleather types), doesn’t become a sticky mess in the summer (rubber does that here). I like hook studs or or maybe buckles on the bridle end, clips usually seem clunky and heavy. A buckle in the middle is not mandatory, but niceish.

Oh, and there’s a budget. Not asking for much. :lol:

A few endurance suppliers make nice laced reins from beta biothane. It doesn’t get sticky, even over time (I have the non-laced variety more than 5 years old, our summers are over 100 too many days too!). Clean them by dunking them in a bucket! And you can get plain, or color accents too. Most can do custom orders, with buckles instead of clips, if you prefer.

I used to prefer the laced reins, now prefer the pebble-grip biothane though.



I have not used these particular reins myself, but they look interesting, and I’ve heard good things about Tekna strap goods: http://www.adamshorsesupplies.com/tekna-laced-reins-201157#customer-reviews . (And Adams is a terrific company!)

I was going to suggest these too. You can just dunk them in water to clean and they are quite grippy.

I love the beta biothane tack from here: http://www.faulknerssaddlery.com/ecommerce/training-reins.py

I love the Tekna stuff. I have the Tekna reins on all my bridles and they work well, are easy to clean, and don’t look odd. However, some people have said they get slippery when wet – I have not found that to be true at all for me, but I also ride with gloves all the time. They aren’t as thick as rubber reins, which I like as I have harder time gripping really thick reins. They come in both stud and buckle end and have the buckle in the middle.