Who all is going to Rolex this year? Any first timers? First timers tips? I went to the longines Masters New York last year, but this year I’m going to Rolex.

This will be my 2nd time at Kentucky. We went 2 years ago and loved it.

  1. Bring rain gear even if it’s not supposed to rain. Beautiful clear blue sky day can turn into a quick downpour. I may have left my umbrella in the car :slight_smile:

  2. If you want event merchandise get it the first day. Sizes sell out quick

  3. If you can make it to the jogs on a Sunday, do it. Very cool to watch in person.

  4. Definitely walk the XC course. I walked partially by myself and then tagged along on some with riders that were doing some informal walks with other groups. I’d stay away from a Boyd walk…100s of people and he only takes you to a few jumps

  5. Food lines get VERY long. Either eat before/after the lunch break or pack your own lunch.

  6. They don’t sell beer before 11 on Sunday.


Good advice ^^ Totally agree with all of this except we are too lazy to go to the jogs on Sunday, we watch the livestream of the Sunday jog from our hotel room beds :lol:

Pack for all weather possibilities, you can have 4 seasons in one trip at this time of year! And if it rains, you will definitely want hiking boots or rain boots or something like that to wear. Every time it rains I see people in sopping wet, mud covered, casual sneakers and think how miserable that has to be for walking around!

Saturday, allow extra time for getting there and parking, it is the most crowded day and everyone’s trying to get there at the same time. Go a little early, because with only 54 entries before you have any withdrawals, it will go pretty fast and you will want to have time to get to whatever fence or complex you want to see to start out with. That’s where walking the course on Thursday or Friday helps, you can get an idea where you want to watch and what you want to make sure you see. Some people will tell you to go early to get a spot at the Head of the Lake, but we prefer to move around, and I’ve always been able to find a spot where I can see at the Head of the Lake whenever we get to it to watch a few come through. So, it is personal preference on what you want to see and how much walking you want to do!

Cannot wait, so glad we are only 2 weeks away!

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Once more for rain gear - good rain gear! Obviously, good shoes. There are few things I hate in life like wet shoes so I just about live in my dubarries all weekend - I’d rather risk a slight swamp foot than feet soaked in sneaks. Definitely walk the course before XC. If you happen to be in the market for a new saddle, this is the time to sit your butt in everything there! I’m coming in with back tracings, too.

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VIP Parking. Worth every cent!

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With only 54 riders I hope they will spread out the start times so that people have time to get around the XC course.

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First timer here! Super excited! Going with my friend who has been a few times. I’m just so excited for everything, I feel like a kid in a candy store.


I just recently wrote a blog post about the highlights of Rolex (now Land Rover) that may be helpful to you! Check it out here:

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I wish they would add back the lunch break with those numbers, but I think your idea is probably the best we can hope for since they will want to be done in plenty of time before the Grand Prix!

I agree, I wish they add back in the lunch break with that number of riders!

Every year! I always recommend carrying your own water on your person if you’re going to be out walking the course Saturday, it can be hard/expensive to find when you’re way out in the field. Easy to get dehydrated.

Related, does anyone need stadium seats for Sunday? My mom panicked in the online order and bought 8 when we needed 4. We have 4 seats that are center front (uncovered) right down by the arena. At this point I think they may be free to a good home…

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There’s the GP that afternoon to fill the void!

This will be my…5th trip I think! My heart belongs in Lexington. Can’t wait to be in sun with the bluegrass at my feet and a Man O War in hand!

Will there be a backstretch tour of Keenland from our cother this year?

I have been going for many years. I second rain gear and even if its nice waterproof footwear for Saturday morning. Also, Pack your own lunch on Saturday that way you can eat on the XC… I liked the lunch break. Does anyone know what time the grand prix starts? And is it in the Rolex arena?
I have an extra single set of tickets for the entire event if anyone knows someone looking…

Starts at 4:30 and yes, in the big arena

How do I make my own post? I want to ask a question but I don’t know how to make a post! I can’t figure out how to do that on this website.

Click “new topic”

As someone who volunteers on cross country day for Rolex, now Land Rover, I would love to have a lunch break, too! You cannot imagine how difficult it is to put together a sandwich (all of the portions are wrapped separately) in the pouring rain, close a road every 3 minutes while protecting the sandwich from the rain, grab a bite, before the next rider goes through, etc. etc. A lunch break, especially if it rains, would be lovely!! :yes:


A link on EN today

There will be a Jumbotron in the xc east field where the tailgating is and there is one in the covered arena with the shopping. And best to do at least one course walk.

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The event is April 25 - 28 and the following week is the Kentucky Oaks and Derby on May 3/4 - if you have time and cash!