LRKD3E Dressage

Does anyone have a video of Michael jung 's dressage test? We just missed it!

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If this doesn’t work, go to the top menu bar on this page, where it says Horse Sports, click on Eventing, and click on the top left story, “Jung Leads Dressage In his Return to the Land Rover Kentucky CCI5*-L”

The video of his ride is the second picture from the top.

Jung rode a lovely test. The things I noticed were: in a snaffle, rhythm like a metronome, relaxed ears and tail the whole time, and stellar accuracy.

Oof that one tiny step forward out of the halt before backing up!! But those square halts…

Where can I find the results? The link on Startbox just takes you to the LRK3DE page.

Try this one, and for the link to all of the results:

Here’s the leaderboard for the 5*

It looks like they won’t update the leaderboard until after everyone finishes cross country.