Lunging blanket recommendations?

I’m looking for something to use on my two year old for lunging and long lining in winter. Has anyone tried using hot walker blankets for lunging or do you simply use a quarter sheet with the surcingle (and if so, what kind of quarter sheet?). TIA!

Old style quarter sheet. The kind without the cutout for the saddle. I put that on top of a regular dressage pad which makes for less slipping and less quarter sheet washing. Wool will stay in place the best, but synthetic over a thin Ogilvy dressage or “baby” pad will work nicely.

Back on Track makes a back pad that works for this.

I use a “jog sheet”. Radon makes them. A little pricy but fits %100 better than any quarter sheet I’ve tried

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I have never heard of a jog sheet and went looking at Radon. Man I wish I had known about these back when Exactly what is needed

Yep, I use a jog sheet. Radon makes the best even in pony sizes!

I usually use a surcingle, so I just put a quarter sheet under it. However, we do have a walker sheet for lunging naked or hand-walking in the rain. IMHO, the walker sheets sit higher up around the neck line than the jog sheets, so they move around a bit less in use. Our also has belly straps to keep it down in the wind.

They are hard to get in the US, and expensive, but I love Thermatex UK. Everything Thermatex

I bought this one. The belly straps are far enough back that you can put a surcingle over it, if you want. It has 100 gms of fill. Fits two year old so well, I bought one size larger too.


looks very smart

i use jog sheet, I recommend you to use these sheets.