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Lux Z horses?

I’m going to try horses in Ireland :D, and I’ve been seeing a ton of horses by Lux Z. I was looking to get so more information on what kind of temperament, ability, and what I should generally expect from one of his babies.

I did not have a good experience with a horse by Lux Z. I had him for two years and ended up selling him as a pleasure horse. He was very sweet. But he lacked confidence and could be quite quirky. The latter did not bother me; the former kept him from moving up the levels, despite having terrific scope. I wouldn’t buy another Lux. He has been used a huge amount so has a lot of offspring. Some have done quite well, but if you look at the percentage of total offspring, that number is relatively small.

We had one by Lux Z who was extremely talented, extremely athletic, and extremely sensitive/quirky. If everything was going his way and he was in the right frame of mind, he was amazing. If anything was off, even just a little bit, cue meltdown. He also had a ton of soundness issues but I’m not sure if that was just him or if it had anything to do with his breeding.

I knew a Lux Z mare which was tall, beautiful gait, very talented for jumping but not very easy to handle. She was extremely successful with her original handler and he sold her for a lot of money. The next owner failed to get any success at all with her, I think she finally ended up with her previous owner. She had a horrible colic at one point and everybody though she wouldnt make it, but she was one tough horse, she went back to compete for several years.

But I think they were never able to breed her so I don’t know how she ended up. But she was an amazing impressive horse and I still remember riding with her with her 2nd owner in the indoor in the winter. It was interesting because her owner was not able to handle her and she kind of threatened other horses…

But I liked her very much maybe because of her very special character and her talent…

someone should start a website, Yelp for stallions and mares.

For a jumper stallion a relative of Cruising would take some beating.

That’s a fantastic idea lol

Thanks for all the replies. I’ve found a Lux gelding that I quite like. I’ve also found a mare by Iroko, and one by Mermus R. I’ll obviously have to ride them before I make my decision!

we had a Lux Z mare (out of a voltaire mare) that we used mostly for breeding. Under saddle she was sweet but could never find a rhythm and stay with it. it was frustrating to ride her. Her offspring have been beautiful.

We have an Iroko mare too. HOT HOT HOT

OP, if you were to ride my previous Lux, you probably would’ve bought him. He was outstanding at home, and could jump the moon. He had big floaty gaits. He had the sweetest face you’ve ever met.

But he could go from outstanding at home to a total chicken in new situations. It was as if there were two of him. He would canter down a line and have a mini-meltdown when approaching an unremarkable fence.

I have met others like him by Lux. But I’ve also known of others who were fabulous.

My guy was a pricey import and I ended up purchasing him for a good amount less than his import cost due to the owner getting out of horses. He looked like a “Derby Horse,” according to those familiar with the hunter ring. I am an eventer, so have little knowledge of that world. But if he were to go into any ring, I suspect that he would be limited to 2’6" and would be too “looky” to do well even at that height.

I just recently finished a lease on a gelding by Lux Z and I absolutely loved him! Being completely honest, he was very quirky, extremely sensitive, and tough to figure out. He and I clicked and worked very well together, but not many other riders liked him much at all. He had wonderful gaits, was extremely athletic, and loved being a jumper.

Where are you planning to go in Ireland?

I’ll be going all over Ireland. Starting in Dublin. Mainly to try horses.

I’d look at the horse in front of you. I’ve worked around a few places where they have a ton of get from one stallion – and while there can be trends they can also be VERY different. If breeding one I’d guess that on average a stallion throws hot or spooky or whatever, but I’ve ridden so many that were nothing like their half-siblings I am reluctant now to get all that pre-judgy about temperament. IME the mare has a lot to say about temperament, more than stallions most of the time.