Lyme Disease - treatments?

Hi everyone. I have a horse that has recurring Lyme disease. The first time he was tested his levels weren’t that bad, but we treated with doxy. Apparently there was a doxy shortage so he got compounded doxy. It didn’t work. We then retested and he was treated with minocycline. This worked, but I am suspecting he has it again and is getting retested next week.

I know that doxy or IV tetracycline are the general ways of treating and that tetracycline is the one that has a higher success rate. The problem is my barn isn’t really set up for him to have a catheter in him 24/7 for a month. It would just end in disaster.

I am curious if anyone has tried or knows of any other treatments for Lyme?

Thanks in advance.

Do a Search here on COTH, or go to Google.

I did two rounds of Doxy with my mare, and it didn’t do much for her. Went the IV Tet route… Left her with the vet for 2 weeks, as I didn’t have a set up for her at the barn. It was the right thing to do in my situation, and she was well cared for.

Tetracycline has the highest success rate, so if there is a way you can do the full course, that is what I would do in a situation like this. Could your vet perhaps teach you how to do an IV shot? Tet is a big shot to give, so it might not be a good idea, but if you’re willing to give it a try it is possibly an option. Your other options are to have the vet come out daily and give the shot or to keep the horse at the vet’s.

You could do a mix of tetracycline and doxy. I have known people who have had the vet do a few days-two weeks of shots and then switch over to doxy for the reminder of the treatment.

My horse was diagnosed with neurologic lyme. The treatment was minocycline for 6 months. I had a recurrence about a year leater and treated again but this time with compounded minocycline for 4 months. He was much better and now I treat him once a month for a week and anytime there is an instance of expected reduced immunty (injections, vaccinations, extreme stress) with the minocycline as a preventative.

Sometimes it is necessary to treat for a long time in order to keep it under control. I did not see real results for almost a month.

Mine had it and had pretty good results with the IV Tetracycline… but I had a vet tech on site that did it for me. Even then his lyme never fully went away. He was neurologic… and it got worse as he aged… he eventually lost his hind end control and that was the end for him. Sad… he did have some good years though before that after the treatment. Lyme is a tough one. I wish they would come up with a vaccine that would work.

Ledum for Lyme

I have had several horses with Lyme who were all treated with Doxy. In each case, we caught it very early and I treated for 6 weeks.

Now I have another, caught early, numbers aren’t horrible, but he is mildly symptomatic. I started him on Doxy a week ago.

Ledum? I am hearing that adding Ledum can be effective.

Thoughts on this?

Can you provide a link to Ledum?

Can you provide a link to Ledum?[/QUOTE]