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Lynn Symanski Clinic

Hey everyone! I was interested to learn more about riding in a Lynn Symanski Clinic. I have heard “good things” however, that is how vague the details I have gotten. I will be riding in the Equine Affaire in one of her clinics and I am a Hunter rider. I would love to hear more about experiences and expectations she may have. I haven’t found much with the internet search aside from how successful of a rider she is! Thanks for any help

I have not ridden with Lynn, but when you cannot audit first or aren’t sure what to expect, my first inclination is to try to find videos of lessons/clinics on YouTube. There are several when I do a search for Lynn Symansky (with a y :wink: ) Clinic: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=lynn+symansky+clinic. Looks like they kept the sound and didn’t put music over, which helps to hear some of the teaching but regardless you can get a peak at some jump exercises she uses, etc.

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I watched Lynn give a XC lesson to a group of teenagers plus a 55ish woman, a few years ago.The teenagers had a good lesson. The adult did not get the careful progression that would have improved her confidence and competence.

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