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I posted about J. Mack before but realized I didn’t say enough. My chestnut gelding Mack was born into my arms from my favorite mare, Maxie (now deceased). He was not a big thoroughbred but very well built and strong. He was so sweet. I saddle broke him myself with great love. I was forced to sell him after my husband walked out and cried and cried. He went to Belmont in NY after that but was sold without me having a chance to buy him back. I was told he was a show horse in Carolina. He would be 20 now and ready for pasture. If anyone knows someone with a horse like please let me know… thanks

I just bought a horse named Mack that I am looking for background info on. I’m in North Carolina. Do you have a picture of him? Any markings?

What’s his JC name?

Any updates on this one?