Maclay finals

Anyone know if Maclay finals will be live streamed? If so, where?

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They have been streaming it on Clip My Horse (ugh) so my guess would be there again. I absolutely love watching the Maclay, but I haven’t been able to watch it for a while because of this :frowning: I miss USEF’s stream every year.


Isn’t it sponsored this year so it can be watched full screen free of charge?

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I can watch the full screen and I’m not a CMH member.

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…and now it’s asking me to become a member if I want to continue watching full screen.
So, it seems we can watch the small screen only.

There are many more high performance hunter entries than there were at WIHS, where it seemed as if Scott Stewart was riding against himself and 2 or 3 other people.

I’ve been watching full screen all day. However, if you want to watch on demand you have to be a member and I think the small screen may have been an issue last year too? Unfortunately, the on-demand will be pay only and I usually can only catch part of the Maclay due to my schedule. I know I’m not the only one who can’t devote an entire day to it anymore!

Looks like via “Clipmyhorse” tv. I hate them. I will be so disappointed if USEF doesn’t live/on demand it but I think it’s the commercial “Clipmyhorse” TV people who are doing it.

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USEF won’t be doing it, unless they are hiding it for some reason. :grin: It’s nowhere on the website.

Now I am sad. :frowning:

Here’s the link. Apparently the feed is being sponsored by Nutrena, so it’s free.

I think I read somewhere that previous Maclay winner Ava Stearns will be doing the commentary on Sunday. She did a very nice job on the commentary within the last couple of years, I believe.

Link for results and orders of go:

More details from the Chronicle:


Ava’s commentary has been outstanding! I hope she is doing it again.

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Well, she’s in the prize list.


Love that Ava will be commentating!

Fingers crossed for Skylar!!!


Augh! Don’t jinx her!! Lol.



man this software requiring lowercase is annoying


Okay but under the circumstances, maybe say it inside your heart.


If you go to the stream through it lets you watch the feed without needing a CMH membership, and it has been working well, thankfully, unlike the stream for some of the FEI classes at WIHS!

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I tried to watch an A/O handy round today, and after 2 trips it wouldn’t let me view full screen without membership (this was going through the NHS link). Yet it let me watch the Hamel full screen for several hours. I wonder which it will be for the Medal? So frustrating, thought the sponsored feed meant free full screen for all.

I won’t be able to watch, so if anything goes awry, it can’t be blamed on me THIS time.