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Magic Cushion - What's it all about and where do you get it?

My horse has been perpetually front foot sore for a while. So now that we’ve taken care of some of her other issues, we’re going to put front shoes back on and hopefully this time try pads with magic cushion.

Here are some of my questions:

  1. Should I have to go buy it, or make my farrier do it? He doesn’t carry it because it’s “too expensive and goes bad quickly”. I didn’t see an expiration date on it, but whatever. If I have to go buy it my, my vet insisted he shouldn’t charge me any additional fee whatsoever to put it on. I agree. Also note that he said it costs him, “$30 a tube and that only lasts for 3 feet”. I wonder if he was thinking of a different product?

  2. Is it really all that great? I’ve already read quite a bit about it and heard many of peoples’ success stories but seriously. My horse has been sore and didn’t even respond well to nerve blocking (what I’m saying is, she still showed significant lameness while blocked). Think it’ll still help? (My vet does, just FYI… I have already gotten a professional opinion.)

  3. Where do you buy it from, and how much do you pay? Amazon has it for $29.99 for a 2lb container which ends up being about $5 per hoof each time you use it. Dover Saddlery has a 4lb container for $49.99 and that should last for 12-14 applications which ends up being $3.60 or a little more per hoof. Is it, therefore, smarter to buy it myself, or just make my farrier buy it and have him handle it all?

Thanks for all the opinions!

I normally get more then a few uses out of the small container but here is a utube on how to use it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=avY7HGFL6G8
Great product think one person said her use like half dollar size or no bigger then a egg tops .


My horse has been sore and didn’t even respond well to nerve blocking (what I’m saying is, she still showed significant lameness while blocked).

Depending on where you blocked her, I would be looking for a cause HIGHER UP on the leg then.

Right. You start at the bottom and keep blocking higher until the horse is sound. Then you know where the lameness is coming from.

Magic Cushion really IS magic but is only going to help if the feet are uncomfortable. I have never heard of it going bad. I buy it in the biggest container I can get. Pack his feet by putting a blob on a piece of brown paper you cut from the inside of a feed bag and squishing it evenly on the bottom of his hoof. No need to wrap. If that doesn’t help there is no reason to put it under pads.

  1. Magic cushion is expensive but it doesn’t go bad quickly at all…I don’t think it can even go bad…unless not properly store?
    There is no ‘tube’ format and the smallest format is 2lbs: more than enough for 4 feet. I usually put less than the size of a golf ball for each foot. (then I put a layer of Forshner on top, but that’s just me!)
    So maybe your vet isn’t talking about Magic Cushion? Maybe Equi-pak?
    Magic cushion is not a product you want to leave on for more than a few days. I usually remove it completely after max. 4 days.

  2. I would get a second opinion. Magic cushion is not “magic”! I use it when my horse had a rough workload, had to work on less than perfect footing or during week long shows. Not really to cure an undiagnosed lameness.

  3. I usually buy the 4lbs container at around 50$. I don’t see why/how your farrier would do it. Unless you want it put underneath a full pad?
    My horse has leather rim pads in the front and I put Magic Cushion as needed. The stuff is highly sticky so I wear gloves. Check your horse’s skin (especially at the elbow region) because it will stick to it and irritate the skin/blisters. It needs to be removed asap with alcool.

Good luck with your horse!

OP, I would just buy it yourself rather than have your farrier buy it for you, I don’t really see any reason to have your farrier do it. It’s not like it’s a hard to find product.

It actually is okay to leave under a full pad for a full shoeing cycle. I use it how you use it (as needed and at horse shows), but I know of others that have used it under pads.

It is really great. Mine doesn’t go bad quickly. I buy the jar. Once you open it the lid doesn’t fasten tightly, so I put the whole jar inside a larger supplement jar.

It’s truly magic. But it’s not for undiagnosed lameness. It’s great for a stone bruise or an ouchy horse as a temporary bandaid, but it’s not a substitute for a diagnosis. If blocking didn’t help, you need further diagnostics.

It is great as others have said. Put some vaseline around the top edges of the jar and lid so you can re-open the jar more easily.

A comment like that would really make me wonder about the farrier. What is his education, and how intelligent is he?

Thanks for all your opinions.

When we blocked her we also drew blood and found she had Lyme disease. Since she’s much more comfortable and sound now and the lameness isn’t as obscure and she’s always been slightly tender in the front, I’m thinking that odd lack of response to blocking was due yo the Lyme which (hopefully) has now been taken care of.

OP, I’m guessing your farrier is thinking of an Equi-Pak product. That stuff IS expensive and one tube doesn’t do all 4 feet. Not sure if it goes bad quickly though.

Magic cushion is great and really isn’t that expensive. Just buy your own. :slight_smile:

That is what I thought too SAcres. Must be a misunderstanding between the OP and the farrier and possibly the vet.