Magic remedies for dew poisoning?

My tovero gelding has been a victim of dew poisoning beginning every spring for as long as I have known him. Because it essentially covers his entire muzzle, it makes it difficult to find treatments (which need to be safe for him to ingest/inhale).

Currently, I’m using a mixture made primarily of diaper rash cream, an antibiotic cream, and an antifungal cream… with a little vitamin lotion added. He looks ridiculous (and I’m usually covered in just as much) but it works with a few days of consistent application.

My issues are that the cream may not be the safest thing to put around his lips (it was originally recommended for scratches on his white legs), I know the fragrance bothers him (he rubs his nose on his legs as soon as he’s turned out), and if it clears up, I’m basically just left waiting for it to come back and demand attention again.

Does anyone have experience with dew poisoning on the muzzle and can you recommend a treatment that works more quickly or more permanently?


My friend uses a combo of listerine and baby oil(50/50) for her mare.


Dew poisoning and other skin issues might respond to flax added to the diet. My horses receive 1-2 cups of Omega Horseshine daily. The flax in it is stabilized. You can buy 50 lbs of it online and have it delivered.

They are dappled and without any skin issues. I learned this from a breeder friend who had her horses out 24-7 and they always looked like they had just been groomed - shiny and healthy.

1/2&/2 chlorhexidine, and desitin, with a generous portion of OTC cortisone cream added. Slather on without picking daily.

Fura. Just cake it on.

Dermavet is truly miraculous.

Some nutritional aspects you could address: More Omega 3 (ie flax), more copper and zinc, more Vit A, particularly if he’s coming off a Winter of just hay.

If it’s strictly due to a sunlight sensitivity issue, try a fly mask with a long nose. There are several now in addition to Cashel.

If he has clover in the pasture, see about killing it. If he’s on alfalfa, take him off. Legumes can lend themselves to a photosensitivity issue, both by contact and ingestion.

I’ve tried all of the above, plus two rounds of antibiotics after the vet did a scraping and found “mixed bacteria”. With the antibiotics, everything cleared up for a little while but returned in short order. I have a cabinet full of concoctions recommended to me, but what I use now has helped the most. I use a sulfur ointment that I picked up at Wal mart in the ethnic hair treatment section. It’s called Sulphur 8. I only have to apply it occasionally to keep his legs clear. The best $ I have spent to give him relief!

You did copper and zinc? Just getting clarification :slight_smile: If so, for how long?

It sounds like the horse’s immune system is generally compromised and you may never get rid of it permanently