MagnaWave recommendations?

Thinking about buying a PEMF Blanket. Looking at all of them including The Bio-Pulse™ Sentry Blanket by ResponseSytems; Centurion, Activo Med.

There’s a deep rabbit hole to go down into, information-wise. Such a why does the Bio-Pulse use 20 GAUS of pulse as opposed to Beemer’s .35? Does that really make a difference in therapeutic value? And that’s just the start of things to consider before popping for a $5k blanket. So any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Also, going to Germany in July, so any recommendations for buying one there?


I saw in another thread someone compared the power in the Bemer blanket to a tv remote, lol. My horse does like her Bemer time though! To be honest I have been considering buying a Bemer and not because I think it’s better than any other PEMF blanket, but because it’s popular and it would probably be easier to make some money off of using it on other people’s horses compared to lesser known brands.

I bought the Activio Med blanket recently and I love it. I have a few friends that have the Bemer and like it but when I used it on my mares, they showed no difference during the appointment nor after. Plus the Bemer only has different time settings and not different intensity settings. I went with the Activio med due to the fact that it had a build in neck attachment and I liked the leg boots alot better. Mine has PEMF and massage and I can choose how long for each, if I do both or only one of the settings as well as different intensities. I get monthly PEMF done by someone with a Pulse machine and she can tell when I use my blanket inbetween appointments and when I don’t.

That was my chiro vet… lol. Actually, she said it wasn’t even as powerful as a TV remote.

I recently bought a small MagnaWave machine and have been using it mostly on my horse on stall rest with the fracture. My vet recommended PEMF therapy, and I have an Assisi Loop, but it is too small to treat this issue effectively. In the past, I rented the Respond Systems neck piece for my horse with neck issues. He liked all kinds of bodywork modalities but was meh about that, so IMO not worth the money for one of the blanket type systems especially lower powered. (This horse did like the Assisi Loop, but again, not great for large areas).

I started with a rental of the MagnaWave, so I haven’t done the certification yet, as I just recently got access to it. But my understanding is that the higher power (1) feels stronger (as you can feel on yourself), which may or may not be a good thing, and (2) can penetrate more deeply, which may or may not be needed. My vets recommend avoiding muscle twitching if possible, so in that case, you don’t really need a super high powered thing most of the time. That said, if you have foot / lower limb issues to treat, you don’t have the twitching there, and it seems to me that horses like it cranked up a bit in these areas. But for a lot of body stuff, which is where you’d apply a blanket system, you may want the PEMF to go deeper to get at things like the psoas, SIs… and you aren’t likely to get that from a weaker system. Sure, horses are sensitive to energy and they may be relaxed, but you could also potentially get the same response (and similar benefit) with a heating pad or BOT back pad.

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The bemer does have three different intensity settings. I have one; it really helps my horse and he quite likes it.

The three settings are time settings - 5 mins, 10 mins, and 15 mins. Not intensity.

They are both…time and intensity.

My guy gets PEMF treatments from a PULSE technician. He likes it and I notice a difference. He has also had a magnawave session - and not only did I not notice any difference, he had no reaction to it at all - whereas with the Pulse, he licks and chews and yawns… and I can see his muscles moving and see the areas where they are blocked.