Making a helmet fit when wearing hair down (help!)

[QUOTE=Madeline;7440444]That would be bull****. The real danger is in putting lots of hair inside a too big helmet. Fit the skull, not the hair. Contain the hair at the nape of your neck or in a braid, or down the back of your jacket…

Sorry Renn. I didn’t see your post before I wrote. As you predicted, I mentioned that fitting a lot of hair, panty hose clips, etc, inside your helmet and putting a great big hat over it is not a good idea…
PM me if you want more.[/QUOTE]

And yet, all these years and there is still no scientific data to back you up. Sigh.

Come on, RugBug, don’t you know the extra padding of hair somehow renders a helmet all but useless? … seems to me that more padding may actually be a good thing and the point about catching your hair on something is a VERY valid one, especially if it is in a long braid.

OP if you just need the helmet to fit for a one time thing try using a panty liner. Better to have the helmet fit that way then have it flopping around.

Bandanas. They also add a little warmth in winter and they sweat-mop in summer.