Mamoth Jack for FANCY mules?

I’m casually watching interested in the idea of owning a mule. I’ve always been a pony/mare/stallion person, so I do prefer an equine with its own mind and opinions. But the mules I see are bred by stock horse people and not physically put together in a way that makes the sense for the kind of work I like to do.

Since the Jack is 50% of the equation, and the mamoth jacks I’ve seen are not very “sporty”, neither are their get. Can a donkey be bred to have a higher neck emergence? Or is it important to a donkeys bio mechanical success for the base of its neck to come out at the point of the shoulder? I’m not looking for a Jack that looks like a warmblood, but are basic ingredients like shoulder and hip angle, neck emergence, and forelimb placement ridiculous to look for in a donkey?

I don’t prefer to breed my own, but I think if I found a Jack I liked I could pursue his get and more easily find my mule. Or at least the fancy mule people. I need some EARS in my life, but I don’t want to make an animals life hard by trying to dressage a bulldozer.

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Mules do end up with some elements of donkey conformation. Compared to horses donkeys are hammer headed, the skull sits on the spine differently. The neck is much straighter. The hind end is less developed. Big donkeys still have donkey conformation.

I’d suggest Googling around and seeing if you can find any mules from sport horse or fancy mares. What does a TB mule look like? What do the rare dressage or jumper mules look like? Do you like them? To me they still have mule characteristics. On the other hand look up videos of mule coon jumping competition. Pretty impressive.

There are some mules doing well in dressage. Perhaps you could look them up to find their breeding. Bishop Mule Days in the west has mule races. In the past TB crosses seemed to be the winners. Again, contacting them, their show advertisers, could help in finding quality mules, breeders producing the style mule you want. Western Horseman covered the show with great photos of lovely mules, elegant types! There are mule sellers in the Tenn area, dealers who might be able to provide what you want. They advertise.

Wondered if you have dealt with donkeys or mules before? They are NOT long-eared horses. Very different mindset and reactions to things. Self-preservation is their highest priority, so they can be difficult in new settings, and when they don’t understand what you want. They do hold grudges, will get even if they think they have been treated unfairly!! They need to learn to trust you before you can ask hard things of them.

I love an elegant mule! They can be wonderful or terrible, depending in its previous handling and training.

Also you need a Farrier who will trim and shoe them according to mule standards. Hooves are not horse shaped, need mule shoes, no close trims because their hoof bones are deeper, huge frogs need to be left on.

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I have a mule (QH) and I adore her! She was a total impulse purchase but she is the kindest and most reliable equine I’ve ever owned (and I started her myself - easiest I’ve ever started!).

I’m like you, I’d love a sport “horse” mule but don’t seem to be many people breeding for this type. My current favorite jacks are Lake Nowhere Judah and Clyde’s Gallant Fox. Judah seems to throw heavier mules where Clyde has more refined sporty mules. I just need a nice sport horse mare… :grin:

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I would look at racing mules, find mules that you like the confirmation of and then look at those Jacks.

I really liked UC Davis’s Jack Action Jackson but he passed. UCD is standing one of his sons though UCD Actions Protege.

May be worth asking them for pictures of his offspring. Bonus is that UCD will ship if you aren’t local.

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That Clyde is pretty good looking! I couldn’t see his height listed, but my folks are in MO so maybe I can swing by and meet him some trip. I’ve been around a few mules and have been impressed by their different than a horse intelligence.
But seriously, how are you going to tell me about your sweetbaby mule and NOT attach a picture?!? :wink:


Ok, ok. Twist my arm to show off my mule. :laughing:


I had 2 mares I bred to a standard jack and got a real nice mule out of both.

1 mare was 17.1 . A TB/ Draft cross and was more daft in build with more substantial bone, feet, head but she was put together nicely, decent mover and gave me a nice bodied tall molly. The jack was well known to throw nice babies. Sadly I gave into pressure when the jack owner wanted to buy her.

The second mare was the daughter of the first mare. Her sire was a nice AQHA. This mare was lighter in bone with a lovely, long , smooth extended trot I could sit easily. She topped out at 16.2. I bred her to a local standard jack ( well known breeders) and I got a gorgeous big bodied, athletic boy. His head wasn’t bad either.

I had him for 10 years and sold him to a man who (when I last heard ) was doing dressage with him and doing well.

In my limited, personal experience you need to start with a real nice mare and find a jack that people are using for best results.

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Pics please!!

She is perfect!!

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That is a very nice mule!

Thank you! I love her and think she’s worth her weight in gold. But I might be a bit biased. :laughing:

I have a lovely little Spanish mule in the UK. Unfortunately she was an accident so I can’t help with the purpose breeding part! She is surprisingly athletic and I’m hoping she’ll make a low level eventer
She’s 4 and has only just started jumping but she’s pretty tidy over a fence


She’s adorable and looks very athletic!

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Check out they have some very nice mules and their jack has crossed on alot of different mares, including sporthorse and warmbloods. :slight_smile:


Great lead! I might just buy a mule from them. Some fancy babies

Oh she’s super cute! Look at those knees!

Wow those are some spectacular mules, I love the spotted babies.