Managing arthritis and back pain

So I have an 8 year old gelding with arthritis in hocks and he gets yearly injections. He gets regular chiro and massage He is on a high dose of MSM (found that works best out of probably 20 supplements I have tried) and when I get a little more saved up I am putting him back on buteless. He is used for begginers walk trot lessons mostly but an occasional schooling ride by me. How do you guys manage a horse with arthritis? What products do you use? Bot, magnetic ect. Also what kind of conditioning would you do/therapy. Can possibly send him to a equine therapeutic place with water conditioning and muscle therapy. Input on any suggestions and advice please!

Arthritis is progressive and degenerative damage to the joints. Nothing will cure it and nothing will stop it. I think your options are either IM injections like Adequan, IA injections, anti inflammatories, and pain killers.

I don’t think there is any scientific evidence for bot or magnetic therapies, and I am not sure how water therapy and muscle therapy would help degenerating joints.

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My 10 year old mare w/ hock arthritis seems to be managing on monthly Legend shots and daily joint supplement (Recovery Ex), plus I use the BoT sheet and hock boots when having feet done, trailering and pre-workout warmups.
When serious work (clinics/shows) is about to happen, I put her on Previcox/Equioxx about 7-10 days prior.
She is working lower level dressage ( 1st/2nd level, w/ some 3rd level movements being introduced)

As Scribbler wrote, I’m prepared for the progression of her conditions, but hoping to delay the inevitable for as long as possible, since she’s my homebred and the only one I can afford at this time.

I am well aware and as stated he is already on injections just trying to manage and make him more comfortable.

My question is how is he after the injections and with MSM? Is he sound? If no, then you are probably looking at more nsaids/pan relievers like Equiox. Routine Adequan injections might also be indicated.
Management is usually keeping him moving lightly most of the time such as 24/7 turnout. I am not familiar with any other therapies that help the condition.
I would think planning out a vet and management program with your vet would be your best bet. If you are not confident that your vet can help you, I would get a consultation with another vet. Best of luck!

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There have been studies of the BoT products that show that they do work. Both my horse and my mother love the products they have and I notice a huge difference in my horse when she’s been wearing her sheet. My horse was getting an IM injection similar to Adequan and I was happy with the results. I also use a general joint supplement that’s not just straight MSM and when she was off it for a while do to a supplement change over due to her being picky I noticed so it does help.

I haven’t yet seen a true clinical study on BoT. Could you direct me to a link if you have one?

My thought about BoT is that any blanket or wrap that contained body heat would have a similar effect. The technology as they explain it simply makes no sense otherwise.

I’d like to see a trial of BoT versus hearing pads and versus wool or reflective emergency blankets or other heat trapping materials.

BOT products DO help alleviate pain and discomfort from overworked, strained body parts, old injuries and arthritis.

After seeing the benefits my one old broken horse got when I pampered him w/ BOT products, I decided to invest

in a few BOT products for my own OLD, broken, arthritic body. I can tell you they are soothing to aches and pains

but the real benefit besides alleviating aches and pains is the choice of different fitted products for areas of the body

that would encumber you if you just put on a heating pad or blanket. How do you go about your normal, physically

active day of doing barn chores, yard work, etc. I even sleep in some of the BOT products cause I know I will wake

up pain free. Don’t knock it if you haven’t tried it. I was a skeptic also until I saw my horse’s improvement. Now

that I have my own knee pads, back brace, mini- blanket I’m a true believer. They are heaven when you hurt.

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Does anyone have a link to a good clinical study on BoT? I’m curious.

I’m afraid I don’t have it. My mother who is a research librarian for medical libraries is very much there needs to be a study or it’s not worth it. When BoT was suggested to us years ago she looked into it and decided it was acceptable. Given how my mother was growing up this is truly amazing but I sadly don’t have the studies, don’t know if they were BoT or just involved the science behind BoT(I know there are other things out there similar to them). It’s helped my horse amazingly to the point that I stopped monthly injections.

I’ve used BOT on myself and have found that it helps. Haven’t read any studies on it, only recommendations from other people. My senior dog has a BOT pad to sleep on but I think cbd oil makes more of a difference with his shoulder. Have not used either on horse — but him being outside 24/7 and able to move around seems to help with his arthritis. Haven’t given legend or adequan since retirement but he may need equioxx at some point if he constantly takes 2 or more tries to get up (and if he really struggles then pts will have to be considered of course).

Do you know what is causing the back pain? The arthritis? Have you even looked into getting him shock waved?

In my experience, I think magnetic wraps help just because they warm up the area, which relaxes the muscles. Like a heating pad.

My gelding has arthritis and back pain as well. I combine annual joint injections with Osphos to help with inflammation. And if he has to work harder than normal, I’ll give him a little bute before and after.

Honestly, he’s 15 and had progressive hock arthritis since I bought him off the track at age 5. The only major improvement was when I moved him to 24/7 pasture board two years ago. Made a HUGE difference in his comfort level. And it’s cheaper than stall board! So a win/win. :slight_smile:

Oh yes!!! Osphos would help backs too.