Managing possible, now confirmed, trochanteric bursitis

Yes I did do a search, and see other threads, many of them older.

Yes I do have an appointment with my Doc, a phone consult on Friday.

Dr Google and I are fairly confident that I have developed trochanteric bursitis, given the increasing, and now nearly debilitating pain when taking the stairs, or sleeping, well trying to sleep on it. The soft squishy limp that has come up is also telling.

Now I’m not sure what brought it on, I first noticed it after trying some Showmanship with my boy, and therefore running in the arena. My old, fat, replaced knee self does a ton of walking, but I don’t run!

Seeing as most everything hurts, any tips on living with this, what to do, what not to do, is a couple of miles walking the dogs beneficial or harmful? How about riding, boy has been off, hence the showmanship, but wanted to ride this week, kind of scared it will hurt, :rofl: have definite visions of not being able to dismount!

Any advice, recovery, stories, tips?

I am sorry you are suffering with this.

I have occasional hip bursitis. Years ago it was constant and had been pretty constant for many years. The Back on Track women’s boxer shorts really helped the pain, and after a few years of wearing them daily my hips mostly stopped bothering me.

When my hips bother me now I put my BOT women’s boxer shorts on during the day for a few days. So far it is working well for me.

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A steroid injection was 100% effective at treating troch bursitis for me, never to return. Not all cases are so straightforward, but it’s an easy box to check.

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Well Dr Google and I were correct, so on 3 weeks of anti-inflammatory meds. Got a list of does and don’ts but I do not see horse riding on there, either way. I didn’t ask, because right now I don’t think I want to try😢

If it doesn’t resolve, then steroid infection would be next.

Any one tried riding stationary bike I forgot to ask.

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