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Marciante Saddles

Anyone have experience with marciante saddles? I am not an endurance rider but I have a very short backed / wide Arabian that “regular” western saddles do not work on. I currently have a Sharron Saare for him, I like the saddle but it is too big for me and not right on him. Do they ride similar? How about fit / comfort for horse? Thanks

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They are wonderful saddles, but no longer made. I had two and would buy one immediately if I found one for sale.

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I have a friend who has a Marciante saddle and loves it — I think they’re hard to find these days, though.

I have an Arabian cross mare shaped a lot like your horse and have had great luck with riding in an old Simco Arabian tree saddle for the last few years. I and my mare both find it very comfortable. This is pretty much the exact saddle that I have, although this one needs a little clean-up:

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I have one for sale!! 15" SQHB Excellent condition!


Is this Marciante still available?

I just came across this one on eBay.