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Mare bred - but showing signs of heat

my mare got inseminated (fresh) two days ago.
today I realized she is neighing at other horses and cuddling up to the geldings (which she only does when in heat).
Is this a good sign that she didn’t take?
I will still do the echo in 15 days but I’m asking here out of curiosity (she is a maiden mare)


Have you ultrasounded her to see if she has ovulated? If she has, she could be just coming out. If she hasn’t, I’d breed her again.


I have a mare that is a total floosy, she was bred last year ultrasounded open…so stud covered her again. She kept showing signs of being in heat so I figured she was open and didn’t have the vet preg check her. All summer showed signs of being in heat, winking/squirting/flirting. Around January I noticed she was getting bigger in the belly, so had an ultrasound done and she was pregnant. She showed signs of being in heat a month before she foaled a beautiful buckskin colt.

Two days after “breeding” her isn’t really enough time for her body to know she is pregnant so she is probably just acting like she would during her normal heat cycle until it’s finished. It is not unusual, however, for pregnant mares to act like they are in heat while pregnant.