Mare by Musing and Tiger Moth

I have an older mare who was sired by Musing and was out of Tiger Moth 17 years ago. “Maddy” has an excellent temperament and proven record in the hunter/jumper world. We would like to breed her, but have no clue on how to select a stallion. We would like to produce another hunter/ jumper with a level head. Any ideas out there?

You’ll get a lot better input in the sport horse breeding forum :slight_smile:


Yes. her full name

Her registered name is Madeline

Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

Hello. I am the breeder of Tiger Moth! I named her. I also bred her mother, registered as Cactus Rose, shown as “Cruisewear” (that was NOT my name), known as “Effie”. I sold Tiger Moth to my best friend in the world, who bred her several times to Musing with great success. The first foal (that she was carrying when I sold her) became a successful medal mount in the USA, shown as “Next Generation” (if memory serves me right). There were several other very nice offspring, both by Musing, and by a warmblood stallion, who produced “Clementine”, who I believe is also now a broodmare. Tiger Moth’s full sister also was bred to Musing three times, by another friend of mine who bought her from me. Two of those offspring are showing successfully by ANOTHER friend of mine, in Victoria BC. So this is a pretty successful family, and close to my heart. The first mare I bred in this family, Cactus Rose, was a buckskin appaloosa, sired by the TB stallion Tony’s Mark. Her dam was an appaloosa mare known as “Alberta Dust”, though she was never registered until I bought her. She was a PMU sourced mare, shipped into the North Vancouver Island area on a train car load of foals around 1960. “Dusty” was a truly great mare, a mottled buckskin appy with probably some percheron in her, about 16.2 and the most LOVELY mover you have EVER seen. She was never properly broke, or schooled, just used as a trail horse all her life until I found her. When crossed to TB, she produced the most stunning filly in Cactus Rose. Dark points, legs, ears, buckskin with dark bay spots on her blanket. This mare went across North America in the Hunter divisions at the top shows on the continent, at a time when “colour” was frowned apon by judges on the East Coast. I bought this mare back as a broodmare at the end of her competitive career. She had four foals for me, two born dead, and two alive. Tiger Moth was the first. Kittihawk was the other living foal, both sired by Mosquito (who I jumped AGAINST as a competitior in the jumper divsions).

So there is a bit of background on your mare for you if you didn’t know this much already. Who to breed her to? LOL, my stallion would be a great choice. Persian Star. TB stallion who does live cover only here at my farm. Already the sire of successful hunters, jumpers and event horses. PM me your email address, and I will send you some pictures. I no longer have a website. Persian Star is OLD. He will not be available for very much longer. But currently healthy, and fertile with his last attempt, foal out of a 17.2 hand Hannoverian mare, a medal horse from Geoff Teal’s barn born yesterday. Don’t miss out.

I was at Tony’s Mark’s inspection for the Canadian Sport Horse Society, helping Sue Mills.

Musing used to dominate the sport horse shows - you could pick them out from the crowd and they would all end up in the top ribbons.

LOL small world. I never knew that they registered Tony’s Mark as a sport horse. He sure produced lovely jumpers, I saw several of them showing locally at the time. But we made the decision to breed to him only on the basis of his conformation and build, there was nothing to see in the show ring prior to deciding to breed to him. He had had a lackluster racing career, had a bad ankle. They used to swim him to get him fit enough without weight baring, then enter him. He won about $30,000 I seem to remember, and the thought was that he was a brave horse, a classy horse, to have that sort of preparation, and still do the best he could. But not a draw for racing breeders to use. Sue Mills inspected Cactus Rose too, for CSH registration. I was told in advance that she would never pass, because of the colour. But Sue Mills passed her no problem, and was aware of the opinion that others felt that she did not “like” colour, and dismissed that right there, at the inspection.

Not to bring up the past but the horse that Melanie Walters took to the Medals and did the Big Eq was a TB. New Generation. The Musing gelding Stuka was a useful 3’ hunter that showed in Oregon.