Mare In Season

My young mare is in season and she’s on fiesty mare to help with cramping right now. But she seems distracted, only interested in mating with everyone and everything! She’s not an angry witch she is very sweet. But the thing is when I tack her up she will swing her butt to me, lift her tail and squirt, no matter where I go and will push on me with her hip pinning me against walls sometimes, and the harder I smack, poke her to try and move her over the better it is to her horny mind. What can I do to stop this?

Consistent ground work when she is not in heat. I expect that she doesn’t really have perfect ground manners yet.

Take extra safety measures when she is in heat and don’t work with her where she can pin you to the wall.

It’s hard to school anything when they are in full raging heat if you haven’t instilled it before.