Mare Registration Issue, Thoughts?

So I have a supremely talented 9 year old mare I purchased last November and I’ve been looking into getting her registered but it seems like if she doesn’t HAVE papers she can’t GET papers. Her sire is Galiani CH and (this being the problem) her dam is a 1991 unregistered mare by Hanoverian stallion Gaylord out of a TB mare.

I’m currently attempting to track down who was privately breeding Gaylord up until 1996 in hopes that someone would be able to point me in the direction of the TB mare that dropped my mare’s dam onto the ground (find out if she was JC registered). I’m not sure how much good that would do me, though, since this mare would have been born well before the JC started collecting blood or DNA.

So, right now, I’m a bit exasperated because my mare has 100% approvable blood in pretty much any of the Verbands, has hardly a conformation flaw, and impeccable movement… and short of getting papers from a registry that isn’t “accepted” by any of the Verbands, she’s paperless.

I have an e-mail in to Prospect Hill Farm as it seems they were the last ones to stand Gaylord, as well as an e-mail in to 3-H Equestrian Center (Galiani CH). I also know the vet who bred the mare. I have one in to the Oldenburg Horse Breeders’ Society, and one in to the American Hanoverian Society about the dam.

If anyone has anymore constructive thoughts about my situation they would be very helpful! This is my first time dealing with an un-papered horse.

I would think you might have a chance with ISR? If the dam isn’t registered, there’s not really a way to prove bloodlines. ISR accepted a foal I had by an approved stallion, out of a JC registered TB mare who died before inspection.

I doubt that GOV will take her into a MMB, maybe a Pre Mare Book… I’m not really familiar with AHS but I would sort of doubt they would look at her as well…

Good luck! I’ve found the folks at GOV to be very nice and helpful. They did register a mare for me that was by an approved stallion/ out of an approved mare, but the breeder just never took her to be inspected. They were awesome and registered her as a 6yo I believe, and she was approved into the MMB as if there was never an issue. :slight_smile:

Thank you Dressage_Diva, it does look like I am going to have to register her ISR because there is now way I can track down the owner of my mare’s dam’s dam. All I have right now is the last name of the person who bred Gaylord privately before '96 and it’s a bit of a dead end. So I could get a certificate of pedigree for my mare’s dam with DNA proof she’s a Gaylord daughter but the dam side would be blank.

Thanks for your help!