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Mare repeatedly stretching out

I have a QH mare who is currently repeatedly stretching all the way out and holding it. Her personality and appetite are unchanged. She just went through losing her favorite pasture mate (3 days ago) and was pacing the fence line for a little while. She just started showing these symptoms today. She is currently in a dirt round pen with water, all poop has been cleaned out to see if she is currently passing and what it looks like. I am thinking ulcers because is has had them previously, and at the same time of year. Am I missing something else that it could be?

In my horse that was always an early sign of colic.

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I had a pony mare that would do that when seriously stressed out…happened a few times at her first few ‘big’ shows, my coach and I always got a little worried and I always kept her walking because I’ve been told it is a early sign of colic.

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Could be early colic sign.

But since you said that she has had previous episodes of ulcers, at this time of year, you might ask your vet about starting Ulcergard or Gastrogard. Losing a friend is definitely an added stressor that could cause a flare up of ulcer discomfort, IME.