Mare with longer back

Looking for recommendations for stallions that help shorten the top line. My mare is a bit long in the back. Hasn’t caused any difficulty in her athletic ability as we had been competing at FEI dressage. But I am looking at conformation that will help improve on her.

I’m looking at Valverde or Everdale so far. Has anyone had experience with any of their offspring? I know Valverde is fairly young, but he is very interesting to me. Any other recommendations are appreciated too.

I’m totally not an expert but she doesn’t strike me as being exceptionally long in her back. Mares are usually slightly longer to fit in the foals. Personally, I would try to improve on the shoulder/neck. Nice looking girl.

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What is your mare’s pedigree?

WFFS positive/negative?

Do you want fresh, frozen? Is this a maiden mare? Will you be doing ET?

What other strengths and weaknesses does she have? Would you be happy with a carbon copy, or are you looking to improve things other than her back?

Do you know or have access to any feedback during her inspection?

Nice looking mare. I agree she is not overly long in the back, but her neck appears “short” in comparison. If that is a recent photo of her I am impressed she is doing such a high level with those hoof angles behind.


I’m probably looking at her being longer in the back because my other mare is much shorter coupled. So it helps to have an outside perspective looking at it from a breeding perspective :wink:.
She has to be retired from dressage due to a growth that had to be surgically removed that had damaged a branch of the trigeminal nerve. Caused a “head shaker” like problem for lack of a better explanation. So, no longer in work. Pulled her corrective hind shoes because I can’t keep her in private turnout any longer.
Taking a hard look at her conformation to find a good match IF I decide to breed her. Her disposition, work ethic, movement is so good that I feel it will be worthwhile.
She is maiden at 13 and is American Warmblood. So foal would likely be registered that as well.
Thanks, it gives me more to think about.

Gosh, I don’t think she is long-backed (or long-loined) either. I think her back is lovely in relation to her leg length and general overall proportions.

I’d love to see a picture of her more relaxed, as while I agree her neck looks “short” here, I think she’s got it tucked in from what appears to be a high alert stance

Looks like the cute mare, might have a touch of a roach back? It could be just angle of the photo?

I’m not a breeder but if I was, I would not choose to breed a carrier of WFFS, so for me the stallion, Everdale would be out.

Glad to read, surgery resolved the mare’s Head Shaking. It’s such an insidious, painful disorder. I don’t think it’s genetic at all but would not breed one suffering from that.

Good luck!

Hi, thanks for your response. Yeah, it’s the angle. She’s definitely not roach backed. I’ve looked at so many stallions lately lol, didn’t realize Everdale was WFFS positive, yeah that definitely takes him off the list.