Mares, geldings, and bears, oh my!

I live in Northwest Connecticut, black bears are closing in on ‘overgrown raccoon’ status here. Smart, cool to see, totally not newsworthy, and incredibly damaging at times. Bear stories are often meh. But, one of the many people who cruise the dirt road by my place (as an excellent spot to decompress after work, enjoy scenery, enjoy beer, whatever, I don’t care) stopped my husband the other day to tell a story.
He had noticed that my little, elderly, decrepit, pony mare was acting very strangely: stamping, snorting, pawing, fidgeting, and not moving fairly close to the hedgerow that has both a fence and big stone wall in the brush. The boys (two years old and 11 years old, full of piss and vigor, big Shire geldings) were hanging off in the distance. So all round odd. He stopped out of concern and watched some more… to see the mare eventually winning the standoff and sending that big old bear back down the wall on which he was perched and into the woods.
Don’t mess with old pony mares!


What a brave little girl! (And such wussy geldings). :slightly_smiling_face:


it’s funny how small horses and ponies act like they are 17 ft tall and bullet proof and the drafties are the ones that want to jump up into your arms so you can protect them.


This does not surprise me with a pony mare :grin::sweat_smile:


“Listen buddy, I’ve brought up children…I’ve been through hell and back again…do you really wanna rumble with me?”