Mark Todd and 15.3 h Charisma

This just came up on Sport Horse Data - nice to reride this memory! Fence #12 old timey fun.

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The terraine hasn’t changed but goodness me, the fences look scary compared to modern ones. An awesome horse and a great horseman riding.

Love this! One of my mares reminds me sooo much of Charisma :purple_heart:

Kind of makes me laugh in away that Charisma was seen as small. I guess with Mark Todd’s tall lanky frame he does but Charisma looks biggish to me (says the one just a hint over 5ft😅)…

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Big presence! He was only 15.2/3

Loved watching them go so much!!! Such an amazing team:)

His sweet face at the end! He KNOWS he’s a good boy!

NOTHING* like the heart and ability of a Thoroughbred!


He was part-bred, some pony (and I’m not sure if there might have been a little something else). Barn name Podge as he was a very easy keeper and eternally hungry.

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Nearly every story seems to agree on a TB sire - except the one that said ‘a full TB that was 1/16 percheron’, but the dam is usually described as a pony with a variable and unreliable mix of percheron or Welsh or polo pony and some TB. The best description is NZ Sport Horse. In my youth the percheron mix was the most popular story.

He talks about his breeding in the Equiratings podcast I believe. Can’t remember what he said now but I remember it wasn’t what the public always said it was. I’ll try and go back for a listen.

Holy cow, that course was terrifying and yet they made it look easy and effortless! Brilliant riding. Really interesting to see how the courses and fences have changed over time. Those steep downhills with the drops :scream: