Marshall and Sterling confused! HELP!!

Ok so recently I have started competing in the marshall and sterling medal classes and the Bit O Straw classes. I have been showing in these classes a lot recently and I have either gotten 1st or 2nd in all of them. I keep checking the marshall and sterling standing to see if I am in the standings but I dont even see my name. I am a member of m and s and the last time m and s updated their website was today. Can someone please help me understand why I dont see my name?

Also, does anyone know how they score their points? Like how many points does a first place or second place get?


Have there always been at least three riders in the class?
Have you been using the same horse in all phases?
Are you cross entering without realizing it?

I also just read this also:

Open to junior or adult amateur riders. No cross entry into M&S Children’s or Adult Amateur Hunter Classics, or into any rated hunter division. Fences 2’6".

Which Marshal and Sterling are you doing? That way we can get a better idea.

Points go like this: 10, 6, 4, 2, 1, ½ up to 6th place for Hunter & Eq.

You can find out more here:

Your trainer should also be able to help.

How did you sign up for membership? Was it at a show? If so, make sure they actually processed it. Had that happen to a friend…

Looks like OP may be DQing herself in both by cross entering between 3’ and 2’6" Adult Hunters, it’s zone specific but generally you pick one or the other to do the Ammy Adults. M&S would require the 3’ Adults to be eligible for that class, if cross entering into non rated 2’6" Adults not allowed by that show/zone, it wouldn’t count.

The M&S rules for the Bit O Straw explain why the 2’6" points don’t count.

Yes there have always been at least 3 riders.
I have been only using my horse
I only show in the low childrens/adults 2’6 at any show I am at

I am only showing in the Bit O Straw 2’6 and the M and S equitation medal 2’6

I signed up on their website two or three days before I showed. I checked the website before I showed to see if they added my membership and it was there.