Mastitis in dogs experience?

Does anyone have any experience with this? 10 year old female - spayed and never has had puppies or been pregnant. Had what looked like to me an infected teat ( big , red, prob puss ). Husband brought to vet bc I had to work, which I appreciate BUT I feel like he didn’t ask any questions . She was given antibiotics - if it doesn’t clear up they’d like to aspirate and check for cancer. That’s all the Intel I have . Of course I Google searched “ infected teat dog” and all I can find are articles about nursing dogs with mastitis . I can’t even find one that says infection is possible without being a nursing mom ! I’m scared to lookup cancer diagnosis and pics so posting first . Anyone heard of or have thoughts ?

My thoughts may not be very helpful but our spayed (no pups ever) GP had a sore teat and knowing that she lost a sibling to bone cancer, I freaked out. Ours turned out to be infected from her scratching and abrasing it and abx cleared it right up. Actually we recently had a dog that presented like bone cancer but vet wanted to try abx in hopes it was a bone infection instead and he also cleared right up. So if nothing else, rest a little easy while your dog’s abx do some work.

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Dry animals can certainly develop mastitis, but given the age, I’d also be worried about something more sinister. I’d expect pretty quick response to abx, and moist heat could also help. If no improvement over the next few days, I’d take her back in. Good luck, hope it’s just one of those weird things.

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