McCall Lady Wade or McLite

I am between two saddles a lady wade no seat padding semi QH bars or a mclite with seat pad QH bars.

I am an English rider this is my first western saddle I have a 17h well built warmblood. She goes in a cwd seo2 with shaped padding but standard tree

All advice welcome

Semi QH bars will be narrower than the QH bars ( I believe) . I would do a wither tracing/ cut out onto cardboard and get a gullet width that you can compare with each saddle before you decide. Not an exact science by any means but can save a lot of time and hassle not going in completely blind.

Keep in mind that the McLite only comes in one tree which I believe is composite. I was in the same boat. I rode in a friend’s saddle and ended up buying the same Benchmade saddle. I do really like the McCall’s. Be aware that when you put it on your horse it will sit differently. You can girth it up to be sure it doesn’t interfere with the shoulders. With the shoulders. But it will look like it sits on the shoulders because of the leather that sticks out in front of the tree. My horse absolutely loves her Western saddle and even though I’m a massage rider I won’t ride her in a dressage saddle again… I could never find one that worked for her. Good luck

Thank you!! My saddle just arrived, I’ll update you on the fit my cinch and pad come Monday


Good luck !! Hopefully it will be a good update :grinning: