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Melp Help!

Okay, I am trying to clean my Mattes and Thinline half pads. I bought the Melps soap. I used warm water. I have a front-end loading machine. I used the heavy duty cycle like the bottle recommended. The pads do not look ANY different. They are still dirty. Any tricks to cleaning these up (especially the back edge)?

Place in cold water w a smidge of detergent on the most soiled areas. Work tbrough by hand, squeezing.

If they were really grimy, rewash with more soap.

I spray my Mattes half pad with a “prewash” spray --let it sit a bit --then soak cycle with hot water. Look pretty good (6 years old) but not the white fluffy-ness of a new pad. Were I to be in competition, I’d have two --one for show that I only used when showing, soaked and washed every time, and one I used for every day —that generally worked well when we showed dressage using snowy white pads . …

Mine wash up fine with Melp and I also have a front load washer. I don’t do anything particularly special.

I generally do one pad at a time so they have room in the washer. I’ll occasionally do two if they’re only lightly soiled. I wash on heavy duty, cold water, extra rinse and spin.


Thanks, all. I’ll try a few of your suggestions and wash it again alone. I washed three, but need one for a show. Yes, I need to get a new one JUST for shows.

My front load high efficiency machine is basically useless for pads and other large items. If you have access to a top loader it’ll work much better. If you don’t I would brush and hose them off and get as much dirt out as possible, then wash them like hair with the wool shampoo and your fingers which will get them pretty clean, then just use the machine to rinse the soap out.

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This is not my experience. For pads, I vacuum them first before I wash them which gets a lot of the hair and dirt off already.

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I vacuum then brush my Matters sheepskin pad. Then I rub the Melp in and put it in the top load lukewarm with the top open to soak before closing the lid to wash. I am always happy with the fleece but the white cotton top never really gets clean.

Thanks, again, all! I feel like my front-end doesn’t have enough water going to get them clean. Hmm. I will try some of these suggestions.

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This is my experience too.
(With washing anything in it other than a smaller load of regular clothes.)