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Melton coats and seamstresses

Today I went to a well known in our area seamstress for some alterations on a melton mid weight coat.
I did not know these jackets couldn’t be altered. (Says the seamstress) An inch taken in on each side was way too much for material.
I also had a thin British tweed coat that she noped out of even touching.
Same with a tech fabric coat.
We settled on moving the buttons over on black melton
It’s admittedly too big in the chest and waist, but I got it on a screaming deal. So I bought it anyway. I’ve had a hell Of a time finding a coat to fit my long arms and torso. I went big thinking it could be altered. Whoops.
Should I find another seamstress for a second opinion?
Or give up and never have a proper fitting coat in the hunt field (or show ring)?

I have no experience in tailoring. Hoping some of the seasoned hunt community might have some experience in the topic.

Look for a tailor–

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Look for a tailor. A seamstress is probably not used to handling such heavy cloth.

I took two gorgeous wool Heythrope coats to a men’s tailor. He made a mess of them…. Ask to see work or something. Good luck!

I always adjusted my coats myself. Melton is very forgiving.