MEN! What is your favorite endurance saddle?

My boyfriend recently rode in a McClellan saddle which he loved because his “parts” are less likely to be harmed. Just wondered what the guys think is the most comfortable endurance saddle. Frankly I don’t know why saddle makers don’t take a clue from the bicycling world.

So no men want to name their favorite endurance saddle? Not one?

My husband will only ride in a dressage saddle, but he also wears bike shorts under his tights for extra padding and a jock type support.

Saddle does shave a full sheepskin on for comfort.

Thanks so much Ponycatraz! I rode in the McClellan saddle (not mine) on another horse (not mine) and found it comfortable for the short time I used it. My boyfriend still really likes it. I’m not sure if the saddle would fit my horse who is a fairly typical TB (has withers but not shark fin, also a relatively short back). I’ll have to put it on her and see if it’s even close. I have no issues with my dressage and jumping saddles but then I am a woman. BF is a newer rider and knows to “sit on his pockets” but I just think men are more vulnerable than women if the horse does anything unexpected- spooks, stops suddenly, etc. At any rate, I like the “bare bones” aspect of the McClellan. It really only includes what you need which is appealing but I think if I really wanted one, I would have to have one custom made because I don’t care for the high pommel and cantle and I would prefer one that was more like an english saddle. Apparently the “new” McClellan saddles available now are not very high quality and the old ones are probably not in the best of shape due to age. I will continue to hope for some feedback from the men of the forum or others who can comment on this topic.

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Yeah we tried a McClellan for my hubby and he hated how hard it was and it didn’t fit his body.

I wonder if he will find more saddles comfortable if he tries bike shorts/underwear to help keep things in a good location?

My husband rides all his trail miles in an Arabian Saddle Company Rubicon.

Most male Endurance riders I know ride in a Setzi saddle, I don’t know if you can find them overseas but this what they look like

Wow, the Setzi saddle looks very innovative. I wonder if they have any fitters that can bring saddles that can be tried. Looks like they are based overseas since website prices saddles in pounds.

I can tell you my husband doesn’t really like the barefoot treeless that he rides in.

Experimenting with different undies for support next time I drag him out on the trails with me. :wink:

I also tried a Setzi once and I found it really comfortable (a Balente model if I remember well). In my opinion it is really a good quality saddle :+1: you can get in touch with them, they are really kind, I met them at Verona Horse Fair (the anciest horse fair in Europe!)

Steele endurance saddle, numerous poor quality English saddles, and a couple Western saddles have never given me a problem. Maybe there is something wrong with me that I didn’t know about. My two cents would be to send him down to a cowboy barn for some riding lessons. They will “fix” him one way or another.

Are they treeless? I don’t see any size information while ordering.

No they’re not treeless, they have a very light tree (carbon)

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The only problem with carbon is that it is very fragile and can crack. Ask any cyclist that has/had a carbon bike. Bikes are more vulnerable than saddles but that could be a consideration.