Men, what saddle(s) do you prefer for hunting?

Just like the title. Any input greatly appreciated.

I was using a 16" Stubben Rex, still have it.

For a while was honorary whipper-in with one hunt, guest in others, so plenty of riding no matter what the country or thru or over whatever is in the way. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Ooops, wrong forum, this way of presenting threads got me, sorry, will leave post here anyway.)

I have two different saddles. My preference are monoflaps in order to have less bulk and both saddles are monoflaps. I also prefer a flatter seat in order to not get locked in. One horse goes in County Solution. The other horse goes in a Black Country Vinici Solare. I had both saddles made without a back blocks. We hunt in hilly/mountain territory and it would be easy to get a stirrup leather back behind the block on steep uphills.

Husband hunts in a Hastilow - they have several options for your preference as to forward flap and blocks, and the tree is adjustable (comes in handy when horse changes shape off season)

I use my devoucoux soccoa. Same on I use for cross country.