Mens Field Boots

i saw one post earlier but it was from 2006. im a relatively tall guy with big feet and ive gone through multiple pairs of boots in the 5 years ive been riding. my latest investment was the mountain horse richmonds which lasted 3-4 months. zipper busted tonight. any recommended boot brands? i have a size 12 mens foot so womens boots do not fit me. thank you!


Look to companies such as Petrie that manufacture a wide range of boots.

this company lists stock sizes etc which go up to a US mens 13

under 700?

Quit messing around with cheap boots and get yourself some Dehners. You might even find some on eBay if you and the seller measure correctly. If zippers don’t last for you, get some pull ons.

under 700?[/QUOTE]

If you fit their stock sizes Dehner would work.

Otherwise mail order some Petries. European brands are more likely to do men’s sizes, and if you skip the importer markup they are reasonably priced.

Fooling around with $400 Chinese made boots is going to cost you more in the long run than getting one decent pair.

My husband got a pair from Dover, I want to say they were Mountain Horse and were about $400.


I have a pair of Ariat field boots, very comfortable and little break in time, around $500. I have had zipper problems with both half chaps and boots, I always wind up taking them to boot repair shop and getting a better zipper put in. If the boot itself is holding up, replacing the zippers for around $100 is money well spent.