Michigan Driving Show

We will be attending the Blue Ribbon Driving Show this weekend in Ionia MI. Should be fun to see driving folks again. Husband and I will be announcing and ringmastering. We do have a lesson Saturday after the classes finish. Hoping for a bit of a break in the heat, bur that probably won’t happen.

Dana Bright judging and doing the lessons. We have not worked with her before. Washing horses, packing things on Friday. Leaving at O’Dark thirty, to get there on time. Not showing, just doing the lesson.

Taking my widest hat for the sun. It has an amazingly wide brim! Hope I can keep it on if there is a breeze! Ha ha

Sunday is a CT with more lessons in the afternoon. Everything is pretty low key. We are there for the fun, socializing and cheering on the competitors. Always fun to meet new people and admire their turnouts.


A friend is going & I hope for updates & pics on FB.
I am hiding from the heat/humidity.
Cancelled a trail outing (with my riding horse) because the weather is too much for me.
Just doing barn chores - all of 40min - & even my hair is soaked with sweat :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Sounds like a fun weekend! Enjoy :smiley:

Show went well! Great weather, just hot. Big trees to park horses under while waiting for your turn or class. We had a lovely molly mule in the competitors, driven very nicely by a lady from Illinois. Haven’t had a “longears” come to play for a few years.

Grass ring and large warm up areas were cushioned to be comfortable for the horses, yet hard enough the wheels did not cut in, so no effort to move the carriages. Judge was helpful with tips after each class.

Our lesson with the Pair after showing was done, went nicely. Husband said Judge was very logical in approaches to getting desired changes in the horses. She gave him some exercises to practice for continuing improvements. With our longer warmup and the lesson in the heat, horses were tired looking headed back to the barn. We actually felt sorry for them! Then husband drove past the trailer to turn around so carriage was in the correct direction for loading. He came to a LARGE puddle in the road and they CAME ALIVE!! They each jumped to the outside of the pole trying not to touch water, jumped forward, saw a bit of air time! Guess it has been so dry they forgot all their water education about puddles. Husband called them a couple of fakers, looking for sympathy and early stalling. We went back and forth thru the puddle a number of times as they improved each time thru! Finished with a nice walk, no silliness, to unhitch at the trailer. Our friends teased us about it later, because OF COURSE there were lots of people watching! My husband says that touch of TB in a horse ALWAYS has a bit more to give you, even if they act worn out! That is why we love the partbreds. Ha ha

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